The Blondetourage Was Major

Absolutely loved early 2000’s VH1 reality television. Those were the days. I always have and always will favor the hot bitches. Ashley and Farrah made that show. Also I will be purchasing stripper shoes, I want ones that light up like in P-Valley. Those were legit lit. A Goddess in the streets, a Goddess in the sheets.

Showgirls came out when I was six. At her twin brothers house my mom asked me what I wanted to be, “A stripper, because they get to dance and be naked,” I replied.
Gone were the days of Plucky Duck.
My mother was pissed, “Don’t ever say that again,” she scolded me. I changed my answer to police officer. Reflecting on it now my choice definitely stemmed from my past life as a dancer in the 1920’s, the one where I was famous and died in a red dress on my birthday. Where else would I have gotten the audacity at that age for such an answer. Past lives alway find a connection in the present. Same soul different body. Via: Y2K Playmate & Pink Couture Glam

You’re Someone’s Survival Guide

Legit the story of my life. Glad to be of service. There is no one linear path for everyone to take, we’re all unique beings with different purposes. Life also moves in cycles, open yourself up to the possibility of miracles and watch how the universe works for you. At 33 my life is already unbelievable, insanely so, which is why I document everything. Except this one time I let Lauren document ducks in Central Park, they’ve always been my favorite animal, because they can fly, swim, and walk, multi-talented. When I was three I had these jeans with Plucky Duck on them, I wore all the time (they were light blue, the right knee had a single shred, the left side his green face). When people asked me what I wanted to be at the time my answer was Plucky. Then I’d quote him, “Plucky go down the hole.”
That day in Central Park I did a duck call with my fist at a pair of ducks, they responded and then started walking. They turned back, quacking. “I think they want us to follow them,” I told her. So we did follow, through brambles and branches, they lead us to a bench on the edge of The Lake. After they disappeared, three minutes later they came back with their ducklings like seven plus of them. I could not believe it, we played with them for some time. Lauren recorded all of it, then she lost her phone and absolutely nobody believed us. I was pissed. I digress.

I have had so many up and downs, living on a prayer, with only faith in the almighty God. Literally I’ve survived on pure miracles, which irritates the haters and fake friends. A lot of times I wondered why and I know it’s to show others they too can move mountains with a mustard seed. If I can do it so can you. And I believed because I saw others do it, Lana Del Rey couch surfing is what got me through couch surfing after that gypsy hex. Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac when she had only $200, so no I didn’t choose wrong being an artist and entrepreneur, over marketing and law. Now it’s my turn to be that for others. How beautiful it is that we’re interconnected, lighting the way for each other. If things feel insurmountable look to the past, if my ancestors escaped slavery to be in the White House (we built), what can’t I overcome? Via: The Happy Snapshot