The Blondetourage Was Major

Absolutely loved early 2000’s VH1 reality television. Those were the days. I always have and always will favor the hot bitches. Ashley and Farrah made that show. Also I will be purchasing stripper shoes, I want ones that light up like in P-Valley. Those were legit lit. A Goddess in the streets, a Goddess in the sheets.

Showgirls came out when I was six. At her twin brothers house my mom asked me what I wanted to be, “A stripper, because they get to dance and be naked,” I replied.
Gone were the days of Plucky Duck.
My mother was pissed, “Don’t ever say that again,” she scolded me. I changed my answer to police officer. Reflecting on it now my choice definitely stemmed from my past life as a dancer in the 1920’s, the one where I was famous and died in a red dress on my birthday. Where else would I have gotten the audacity at that age for such an answer. Past lives alway find a connection in the present. Same soul different body. Via: Y2K Playmate & Pink Couture Glam

Educate The Idiots

Teach these kids, some ignorant commenter asked, “Can you even name five Prince songs?” Nigga…I said are we including songs he’s written for other artists, or just the songs he performed? Like little boy, know your place please. Are you out of your mind? That’s Prince, the icon, the innovator, the legend. How dare you? There aren’t anymore stars, just spectacles and stars yielding to spectacles. That’s why I told VH1, E and MTV to remind this dingbats of their iconography. Thank God I’m here to save the dying breed of what little smatter of stars we have left and right these wrongs. That’s why there’s no originality, especially due that trash satanic family, the Kardashian Jenner West coven and friends. You hoes are finished.

Give me Michael Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony, give me James Brown driving with a busted tire across two states, give me Whitney Houston crack is cheap…these spectacles are boring, manufactured drama is lame. I’m the only one delivering, that’s why they’re copying me. I’m going to give you a show you’ll never forget. Bye influencers, talentless hacks and the idiotic talent who followed behind them. This is Armageddon, spoiler alert I win. They literally have you dressing up like demons in all black and face masks. The absence of light, look at Kanye’s Gap collection (I miss the old Kanye, that was a star). They’re taking souls to hell, believing they’ll be rulers, the rulers are set, you’re just another tricked batched of idiots. Enjoy your time. Amber Rose was peak Kanye.

The people are gonna love me, now I know why two of my spirit guides are such, people loved them too, both were compassionate. I digress. Can you name five Prince songs, artists he’s written for included? Via: Lost Boys And Girls86

RIP Olivia Newton John

We lived through the disappearance of your sketchy boyfriend with you and so much more. The only time I’ve ever gotten cursed out for watching a movie is when Grease made my mom SNAP. It really was a psychotic break, “Come on the same damn songs over and over again, every fucking time. I’m sick of it!” It was the movie of the month on VH1 so my sister and I watched it every time it aired. If Grease is on I’m in, I never get bored of that movie it’s one of my favorites. Except when my mom banned us for a week, making us change the channel immediately, it was just one too many tell me mores.

I could watch you go good girl turned bad endlessly and that soundtrack is lit AF. A classic. You then stayed bad with “Physical” which had I not already made it a late night jam, I would have posted. An icon, a legend, you left on a most spiritual day. What’s your favorite Olivia Newton John work? Via: Groovy Dreamland & 1970s Funk

New York Ages Like Fine Wine

Can’t believe how accurate the people who told me I remind them of Tiffany “New York” Pollard are. It’s the candor, humor, fearlessness. It’s the targeting your enemy successfully. All these years later her icon status not only holds up, but ages like fine wine. She cracks me up. What’s your favorite NY moment? What can you take from her to empower yourself (confidence, honesty etc…)? Via: GigiXMartini & The Heartless Gay