RIP Tina Turner

Rest in peace Tina Turner, the Queen of rock n roll, a legend, one of the best performers to ever do it. You gave us a lifetime of entertainment, sharing with us the violence and abuse you overcame. Everything you did was signature, hair, voice, moves, style, paired with the sexiest legs in the industry. A fashion icon, a feminist icon, one of the few remaining mega stars. Your biopic was one of the most epic. You along with James Brown taught white Mick Jagger how to dance. You gave so much joy, shaped so many memories with your talent. I’ll never forget that Blue Smoke holiday party, Proud Mary came on and everyone lost their minds. It was lit af, you did that. Thank you, we love you, we miss you, you earned this rest. What did you love about her most? Via: Emil Wilbekin & Capsule98

Educate The Idiots

Teach these kids, some ignorant commenter asked, “Can you even name five Prince songs?” Nigga…I said are we including songs he’s written for other artists, or just the songs he performed? Like little boy, know your place please. Are you out of your mind? That’s Prince, the icon, the innovator, the legend. How dare you? There aren’t anymore stars, just spectacles and stars yielding to spectacles. That’s why I told VH1, E and MTV to remind this dingbats of their iconography. Thank God I’m here to save the dying breed of what little smatter of stars we have left and right these wrongs. That’s why there’s no originality, especially due that trash satanic family, the Kardashian Jenner West coven and friends. You hoes are finished.

Give me Michael Jackson dangling Blanket over the balcony, give me James Brown driving with a busted tire across two states, give me Whitney Houston crack is cheap…these spectacles are boring, manufactured drama is lame. I’m the only one delivering, that’s why they’re copying me. I’m going to give you a show you’ll never forget. Bye influencers, talentless hacks and the idiotic talent who followed behind them. This is Armageddon, spoiler alert I win. They literally have you dressing up like demons in all black and face masks. The absence of light, look at Kanye’s Gap collection (I miss the old Kanye, that was a star). They’re taking souls to hell, believing they’ll be rulers, the rulers are set, you’re just another tricked batched of idiots. Enjoy your time. Amber Rose was peak Kanye.

The people are gonna love me, now I know why two of my spirit guides are such, people loved them too, both were compassionate. I digress. Can you name five Prince songs, artists he’s written for included? Via: Lost Boys And Girls86

James Versus James

James Brown versus Rick James, both legends in their own right. Granted the “Godfather Of Soul” is a whole different level of icon, they were both phenomenal entertainers. Still, when drugs were involved they were both equally scary. James Brown having a bad PCP addiction, once stormed into a seminar he believed was his hotel room, holding all participants at gunpoint, demanding to know “What the hell they were all doing in his bathroom?” All before a police chase, across state lines until the wheel popped off his car and still he kept going. Once the car went kaput, he exited the vehicle to perform for the officers who cuffed him promptly afterwards. Amongst other things.

Rick James was known to be volatile under the influence of cocaine. A hell of drug, as he stated in his Dave Chappelle episode with Charlie Murphy. Boy isn’t that true. James and his then girlfriend Mary Saugar, held a woman hostage for days, assaulting her with a cocaine pipe and forcing her to give oral sex, amongst other things.

So the question is, which rockstar would you be less afraid to party with? The Godfather Of Soul or Rick James…Bitch? A question that’s plagued my mind for years. Photos: Getty Images and Rick James Official