James Versus James

James Brown versus Rick James, both legends in their own right. Granted the “Godfather Of Soul” is a whole different level of icon, they were both phenomenal entertainers. Still, when drugs were involved they were both equally scary. James Brown having a bad PCP addiction, once stormed into a seminar he believed was his hotel room, holding all participants at gunpoint, demanding to know “What the hell they were all doing in his bathroom?” All before a police chase, across state lines until the wheel popped off his car and still he kept going. Once the car went kaput, he exited the vehicle to perform for the officers who cuffed him promptly afterwards. Amongst other things.

Rick James was known to be volatile under the influence of cocaine. A hell of drug, as he stated in his Dave Chappelle episode with Charlie Murphy. Boy isn’t that true. James and his then girlfriend Mary Saugar, held a woman hostage for days, assaulting her with a cocaine pipe and forcing her to give oral sex, amongst other things.

So the question is, which rockstar would you be less afraid to party with? The Godfather Of Soul or Rick James…Bitch? A question that’s plagued my mind for years. Photos: Getty Images and Rick James Official