The Blondetourage Was Major

Absolutely loved early 2000’s VH1 reality television. Those were the days. I always have and always will favor the hot bitches. Ashley and Farrah made that show. Also I will be purchasing stripper shoes, I want ones that light up like in P-Valley. Those were legit lit. A Goddess in the streets, a Goddess in the sheets.

Showgirls came out when I was six. At her twin brothers house my mom asked me what I wanted to be, “A stripper, because they get to dance and be naked,” I replied.
Gone were the days of Plucky Duck.
My mother was pissed, “Don’t ever say that again,” she scolded me. I changed my answer to police officer. Reflecting on it now my choice definitely stemmed from my past life as a dancer in the 1920’s, the one where I was famous and died in a red dress on my birthday. Where else would I have gotten the audacity at that age for such an answer. Past lives alway find a connection in the present. Same soul different body. Via: Y2K Playmate & Pink Couture Glam