RIP Olivia Newton John

We lived through the disappearance of your sketchy boyfriend with you and so much more. The only time I’ve ever gotten cursed out for watching a movie is when Grease made my mom SNAP. It really was a psychotic break, “Come on the same damn songs over and over again, every fucking time. I’m sick of it!” It was the movie of the month on VH1 so my sister and I watched it every time it aired. If Grease is on I’m in, I never get bored of that movie it’s one of my favorites. Except when my mom banned us for a week, making us change the channel immediately, it was just one too many tell me mores.

I could watch you go good girl turned bad endlessly and that soundtrack is lit AF. A classic. You then stayed bad with “Physical” which had I not already made it a late night jam, I would have posted. An icon, a legend, you left on a most spiritual day. What’s your favorite Olivia Newton John work? Via: Groovy Dreamland & 1970s Funk