Somewhere In Between Figured Out & No Idea

Life is…complicated, far more so than you’re ever taught in school, or by your parents. It’s fine to be a hot ass mess, figured out, or somewhere in between. When you think about it we’re all in the middle if you’re doing it right. Why? Because you’re an imperfect human, a work in progress, always evolving. Unless you’re stagnant, stuck, clinging to your trauma. Which are you? Creator: Its Nata

Monday W.I.P

Monday motivation, remember we are all continuous works in progress. You are complete (hopefully if healed), but can always do better. It’s the journey not the destination you imperfect being. In what ways do you feel complete? In what ways are you unfinished? What do you want to work on today (big or small)? Via: Okay Nevermind