Break Your Dream Down In 10 Steps

Speaking of dreams, I can remember mine again after cutting ties with my abusive ex. That’s beside the point. Go after you dreams! Make a plan of action, breaking it down into baby steps for practicality. What do you want as the big objective? Break it down in ten steps (or more) adding due dates beside each. Life happens adjust accordingly. Artist: The Cute Feminist

Six Reasons To Go For It

Stop psyching yourself out and just go for it. Let that be your aim this week, until it’s ingrained in your being. I can’t decide which is my favorite reason, four or six. Which one motivates you the most? Via: Awge Collection

Cheers To Jahmere

TBH I feel Jahmere. People can be so f*cking dumb sometimes and there are a million other things to do. We’ve all felt it, but he said it! Cheers Jahmere. When was the last time you wanted to say this to someone? What do you think his job is? I feel like he works at a help desk.Via: Drinks For Gayz

Monday W.I.P

Monday motivation, remember we are all continuous works in progress. You are complete (hopefully if healed), but can always do better. It’s the journey not the destination you imperfect being. In what ways do you feel complete? In what ways are you unfinished? What do you want to work on today (big or small)? Via: Okay Nevermind

Monday Motivation

A dreaded day it was, until we got locked down in a pandemic. All the things we took for granted stripped away. I’ve decided this day for me will serve as a reminder to live my purpose. What a beautiful thing to do. What is the purpose of you? Via: Milkshake Patchwork