The Force That Breaks An Egg

Do the inner work and everything else will fall into place. This is how you manifest and shift your reality, through enlightenment, applying the actions to lessons learned. Take note of how often you use external sources for self-validation: people, assets, relationships, likes, views…why? How introspective are you? Via: Poets Community

Ziqian Liu Fractured and Flowered

Strategically placed mirrors to make the artist look like fractured light, adorned with flowers and other items. She uses reflective images as a tool of introspection. The independent Chinese photographer’s work pertains to the symbiosis between humans and nature, as well as perspective. “All of her work is self-portrait, she wishes to give [the] audience a small world which is calm but not flat.” Her work also shows the duality and balance of the soft woman, who possesses an otherworldly inner strength. Which image is your favorite? I love the one with the small mirror on her knee displaying her eye and the Russian doll mirrors, herself within herself within.

Go Just A Little Deeper

A moment of introspection. Answer these questions for yourself, I’ll begin:

  • A mixed bag of emotions. I’m really sad John Witherspoon died, a reminder that all things must pass. Death gives life edges. In my personal life, anxious. Not in a bad way, but in the manner of someone embarking on a new beginning. I am finally moving out of this negative energy and excited for what’s to come. I keep getting all these universal signs of the changes, passing my soul lessons and victory on the horizon. Excited, I’m excited.
  • Harvest. This is the time where my patience is rewarded, I am fully healed, I reap what I sow. All the seeds I planted will finally come to harvest.
  • My life purpose. To write, to be altruistic, to leave this place better than how I found it.
  • Create, to create is the best thing.
  • A good laugh.

What were your answers? It’s so important to reflect, its integral to your evolution. Photo: Were Not Really Strangers