Six Ways To Let Go

Holding on isn’t always the best option, for those of you struggling to let go, here are six ways to do so. I use to journal regularly, one of my resolutions is to start again. I found it extremely helpful, it’s also a good way to avoid gossiping, venting to the wrong people and emotional outbursts. How do you let go? What was the last thing you released? Via: CrystalsWithin

Tension & Knots

Let go of what no longer serves you. A motto from my daily yoga practice. Negative energy can find spaces in your body, often manifesting as tension and knots. What do you need to let go of today (people, places, things, ideas…)? Via: Dream To Be Muse

Go Forward, Move Ahead

What are you leaving behind today? It could be something small like a habit, or something major, like me moving out of this apartment of two years. It’s time to start something new, stagnation, especially in negative energy is detrimental to your well being. Trust that the universe has your back, take a leap of faith. Photo: Spiritual Goddess1111