Rest Will Do You Good So Unplug

Legit can’t stress this enough. Reminding myself to rest, reminding you to rest, is crucial. Overdoing it, burning out, is detrimental to you mental and physical health. You are not a robot. Make time once a week to do nothing! God did it when creating this place, the Jews do it for Sabbath. This is clearly emphasized, because unplugging will do you good. Rest and note how it effects you, your mood, your body, your soul. Via: The Spiritual Aspects

Mind Your Mind For A Better Future

If you don’t use it, you lose it, literally, as in your brain can become riddled with disease. Exercising your mind, learning something new, expanding on what you already know, helps your brain combat memory lose and the erasure of other things. It’s like when you don’t make working out a lifestyle, as you get older your body loses it’s ability to do basic tasks, even bending over is a hurdle, or impossibility. Don’t believe me? Volunteer at a nursing home, I’ve done it plenty of times and it solidified my commitment to yoga. I want to pick up dropped items, hold my head up (literally, some people have permanent crane neck and can’t turn their heads), and move sans assistance.
The same goes for mental activity. Feed your mind, clear your mind, train your mind. Not only will you remain sharp, you’ll feel better. Mental health matters. If this is overwhelming, pick one from each category to do. Via: Sound Of Silence.Praachipisatt

Bad Rest Hangover, Sleep Heals

Sleep heals your body and let’s your soul run free. Make sure you get a proper amount, seven to eight hours is recommended for adults. Once upon a time I could boot and rally like it was nothing. To all the twenties babies enjoy it for your ability to be a vampire, a sleepless night thing fueled all day on a nap. As a PTSD sufferer my insomnia is on and off, the former when I’m triggered. That being said I’ll be posting sleep hacks soon. Everyone’s chart is different, for me PATIENCE would replace ANXIETY or maybe just the word BITCH. How about you? Via: Letstalk.MentalHealth

Therapy Went Well

To think I almost bailed, but I had really bad PTSD the day before. Writing that I’m a victim of domestic violence, owning that as part of my identity, made me feel ashamed. I completely broke down. It was crippling. I had therapy, which made me feel tons better, because the therapist told me two harrowing stories. She also told me PTSD can go away forever (it happened for her), after I found out on Google that it can be permanent. I felt damaged. How did this happen to me? How could I let it. She told me part of healing is standing up to what’s causing it. So I have and will continue to stand up for myself, facing my abusers.

There is nothing wrong with me. One day I won’t feel this way. I realize I’ve had chronic PTSD for years. Part of why I almost bailed on therapy is due to the trust issues it’s caused me. It’s not fair that I see life through these lenses. I am hopeful I will get better and vacation will help with that. If you’re facing something traumatic you aren’t alone, or broken and therapy helps. Via: Symbolic Magic Art

A List Of Things To Try If Exhausted

If you’re feeling exhausted take a moment and do something from this list. It’s always easier said then done, but give it a spin. I find spending one day doing absolutely nothing helps. I use to be one of those no days off people, always ended up having a breakdown. Not worth the deteriorating mental health. Things you can add to this list: get sleep, watch films, read a book, spa day, mediate, massage…self-care is health care, read that somewhere. Creator: Keeley Shaw Art

People Who Are Good For You Mentally

Get rid of toxicity, it’s draining and lowers your vibration. If someone isn’t good for your mental health ditch them, life is too short to waste time, or energy, on people who don’t make you feel good. Replace them with people who care. That’s why I’m suing Mick Jagger and documented how he’s treated me. He thought I’d miss him, but I don’t. I truly just pity him, he’s stuck in toxicity because he’s a coward. He’s spineless and an old man child. Who do you need to leave behind? Via: An Anxiety Thing