Mind Your Mind For A Better Future

If you don’t use it, you lose it, literally, as in your brain can become riddled with disease. Exercising your mind, learning something new, expanding on what you already know, helps your brain combat memory lose and the erasure of other things. It’s like when you don’t make working out a lifestyle, as you get older your body loses it’s ability to do basic tasks, even bending over is a hurdle, or impossibility. Don’t believe me? Volunteer at a nursing home, I’ve done it plenty of times and it solidified my commitment to yoga. I want to pick up dropped items, hold my head up (literally, some people have permanent crane neck and can’t turn their heads), and move sans assistance.
The same goes for mental activity. Feed your mind, clear your mind, train your mind. Not only will you remain sharp, you’ll feel better. Mental health matters. If this is overwhelming, pick one from each category to do. Via: Sound Of Silence.Praachipisatt