Three Steps To Dealing With Triggers

If something is triggering you, one it’s not your fault. Being looped back into trauma can feel like failure, but healing isn’t linear. A single moment doesn’t erase all the others of progress. Don’t blame yourself, you’re doing the best you can!

Secondly, identify what it is that’s setting you off and remove, or confront it. Sometimes it’s an epiphany that you deal with head on. Other times it’s something that needs to be removed, like a person. My karmic is my trigger, conjuring up abuse from this life and our past ones. Not interacting with him, giving him any energy, has decreased my PTSD episodes enormously.

Lastly, ask for help. This is hard for me to do, but once I did, the energy shifted and I was able to take action. Acknowledging you need others feels like a fault, it’s not. Sometimes you’re too weak, or just don’t have the means, you need a support system. Humans are tribal beings, not islands, that’s how we surpassed all other homo species. Teamwork. Be it therapy, or any other means (writing, meditation, reiki etc…), getting help is healthy. Remember pride is what made the devil the devil. How do you handle trauma triggers? Via: Keep It Up Super Shanti

Your Body Stores Your Trauma

Trauma, negativity, all of it gets stored in your physical and energetic (chakras, aura, soul) body. Pay attention to where you store the most tension, for me it’s my neck, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings. I also get very locked up in my sacral and root chakra. The PTSD episodes and flashbacks aren’t as often as they were since removing my ex.

Yin yoga is a good way to release pent up negativity. This was my introduction to the practice I can’t believe how open, flexible, free my body is since getting into it. I’ll warn you Boho Beautiful is really intense, practice makes perfect though, the more you do it, the better you get. What’s stored in your body? Why? How do you release it? Via: Insight.Corner

You Are Not Your Trauma

Yeah your trauma shapes you, but it doesn’t define you. You are so much more than that. As a victim of abuses, struggling to battle episodes of PTSD I know it’s easier said than done. Even a Goddess can be a victim of the mind, this is a body carrying me after all. I know I’m going through to empathize with people and help them. Experience is our best teacher. You aren’t just the residual effects of the bad things you went through. I’m an artist, an aesthete, a volunteer, a guardian of civilization, strong, a healer, a student, mystery solver, demon slayer, kindhearted…empower yourself, what are you? Artist: Louisa A Choi

Sleeping Hacks For Insomniacs

When my PTSD was crippling I couldn’t sleep, it was really bad. The insomnia was real. At some point I was grateful for two hours of shut eye. Even smoking weed didn’t help, fearing being attacked further by my abusers and their aids I was in a constant state of high alert. Safety, that’s all I wanted to feel. I had to find a way to rest. Forcing myself to read and take lessons finally weighed my eyelids with a heaviness I could no longer fight. Here are some tips to help those still struggling. If there are any other tricks feel free to share them. Artist: Just Girl Project

Trauma Changes You Biologically

Epigenetically unhealed trauma passes down through generations. Abuse is not a joke, especially when people intentionally inflict it like Mick Jagger, Genc Jakupi and Binn Jakupi. I could add a lot of people who aided in abusing me to this list, like the Kardashian Jenner West coven and friends, exposing all of you publicly is all I need to contribute. What the universe has planned is huge, all I have to do is sit back and watch. The way you all fall with them, the deaths, the misfortune, it’s crazy. No survivors, the power is going back to the public, everyone is going to learn their humbled place before hell.

Until I started having my crippling episodes I didn’t fully comprehend the lack of control I’d have, it’s scary. I become a different person, trying to stop spiraling, trying to survive, looking for safety. This is why I’ve decided to press charges against Mick, the fact that he thinks it’s okay to torture other human beings and call it love. To groom people to his abuse, he belongs behind bars. It’s not fair I’ve been inflicted with a disorder, I intend to hold everyone accountable and be compensated. I ignored the red flags due to a toxic upbringing, which is why speaking up for me is hard sometimes. I don’t want to hurt other people. I worked hard to heal from family trauma and now I have to heal from this. I’m optimistic and if you’re going through trauma you should be too. We’re all going to get through this, to the best of our ability. It’s not your fault, believe in yourself and keep pushing forward. You deserve a happy ending. In what ways does your trauma affect you? How you see the world? How you interact with others? Your love life? Your parenting? Via: Alex March Energy

Currently Fighting PTSD

I wanna get back to normal, currently I’m working on finding pleasure in the things I once enjoyed again, before going back to the psychiatrist (who told me my life is cinematic from birth, that’s how unique and crazy it is). It’s hard not controlling your mental state. It’s hard living in fear. I’ve gotten my appetite back, which is good, my sleeping is better, still self-isolating, still have a long ways to go. Once this toxic person is out of my life and I get my financial freedom, I’m sure it’ll get better. I will never interact with Mick Jagger again; fun fact domestic violence cases get fee waivers, now Mick has twenty days to respond.

Looking back at all the proof: missing my friends wedding, Chris Evans, the lies about his heart problems, the fake moves to our home, leaving me in poverty, letting me go to Poughkeepsie to cancel the hotel, asking me for money for Charlie Watts funeral, breaking into my social media, his racist white trash family, not caring that my friend died and SO, SO much more, gaining my trust after I told him what happened to me, only to abuse it, because I’m just an object to him, not a person…I never want to see, or speak to him again. People say, oh he’s old school, what they really mean is he’s a domestic abuser which was acceptable in the old days. He abuses due to his psychopathy. I was tortured mentally and emotionally, I’m not the same about people. Right now self-care for me is healing, one step at a time. How do you take care of yourself currently? Why? Via: Good_Vibe_Girl_Gang

Storing It Gets Heavy, Speak Up!

Since childhood I’ve had trouble using my voice if it means protecting others. Even if they were bad to me. I didn’t want to upset anyone, ruin families, friendships, careers. I thought this toxic trait was dismantled, but it’s not. This lesson was necessary, I never put myself first. These people don’t deserve protection, I DO. They don’t give af about my needs, why should I care about their’s? That’s done now. The therapist said stand up to what’s causing this. I’m not ruining their lives, they are, by being predators, racist, bullies, sexist, complicit…I cannot wait until this is over, so I can be alone, go on vacation. Always taking care of someone else, always saving people. People put me on the back burner, because I put me on the back burner.

True colors is what I’ve seen. My objective in therapy is to get over my PTSD, mainly my concern this will happen again. For years now I’ve been trapped, no one should feel this way. No one’s going to steal my joy, replacing it with trauma. May you all burn in hell, but before you go I’ll give you memorable moments. You will all rue the day that you fucked with me, or aligned against me. Good luck. Athena. Are you standing up for yourself, or storing it? Where does it stem from? Artist: Sky Banyes

Therapy Went Well

To think I almost bailed, but I had really bad PTSD the day before. Writing that I’m a victim of domestic violence, owning that as part of my identity, made me feel ashamed. I completely broke down. It was crippling. I had therapy, which made me feel tons better, because the therapist told me two harrowing stories. She also told me PTSD can go away forever (it happened for her), after I found out on Google that it can be permanent. I felt damaged. How did this happen to me? How could I let it. She told me part of healing is standing up to what’s causing it. So I have and will continue to stand up for myself, facing my abusers.

There is nothing wrong with me. One day I won’t feel this way. I realize I’ve had chronic PTSD for years. Part of why I almost bailed on therapy is due to the trust issues it’s caused me. It’s not fair that I see life through these lenses. I am hopeful I will get better and vacation will help with that. If you’re facing something traumatic you aren’t alone, or broken and therapy helps. Via: Symbolic Magic Art

Shine Bright This Weekend

My writing piece is taking wayyyyy longer than I thought, but at least I’m doing it. Heavy was the cloud hanging over my head until confronting a psychological abuser, who spent half a decade stalking me and let’s not forget the people who aided in this, especially the women. That’s not what I’m writing about now, but it was worth sharing. Why? Because I realized I have PTSD due to a psychopath and now I’m free, but will probably need therapy. What makes me feel guilty is the friends who were subjected to it, to Genc Jakupi, an abuser. I hope everybody shines this weekend. When do you shine your brightest?