Three Steps To Dealing With Triggers

If something is triggering you, one it’s not your fault. Being looped back into trauma can feel like failure, but healing isn’t linear. A single moment doesn’t erase all the others of progress. Don’t blame yourself, you’re doing the best you can!

Secondly, identify what it is that’s setting you off and remove, or confront it. Sometimes it’s an epiphany that you deal with head on. Other times it’s something that needs to be removed, like a person. My karmic is my trigger, conjuring up abuse from this life and our past ones. Not interacting with him, giving him any energy, has decreased my PTSD episodes enormously.

Lastly, ask for help. This is hard for me to do, but once I did, the energy shifted and I was able to take action. Acknowledging you need others feels like a fault, it’s not. Sometimes you’re too weak, or just don’t have the means, you need a support system. Humans are tribal beings, not islands, that’s how we surpassed all other homo species. Teamwork. Be it therapy, or any other means (writing, meditation, reiki etc…), getting help is healthy. Remember pride is what made the devil the devil. How do you handle trauma triggers? Via: Keep It Up Super Shanti