A Push Out Of Procrastination

Prostration can be a bitch. Sometimes you’re lazy, other times you’re just scared and talking yourself out of something for fear of failing. Break the spell with the above tips. Personally I feel so accomplished checking things off, or erasing them from a whiteboard using different colored markers. I’m the type of person who finds joy at Staples, I loved school supply shopping: highlighters, binders, binder tabs, dividers, clipboards, staplers!!!! There are different ways to get motivated, find yours.

If you do choose to tell a friend, make sure it’s someone you trust. Letting people know your plans opens you up to evil eyes. You don’t want someone wishing ill upon you, blocking your manifestations. Remember misery loves company, some people don’t want you to do better than them. Some people want you to be just as disappointed in life as they are. Fuck those people, use them as motivation. There’s nothing better than rubbing success in their low vibrational basic faces. Who are they to limit you? Via: Just Girl Project

Sleeping Hacks For Insomniacs

When my PTSD was crippling I couldn’t sleep, it was really bad. The insomnia was real. At some point I was grateful for two hours of shut eye. Even smoking weed didn’t help, fearing being attacked further by my abusers and their aids I was in a constant state of high alert. Safety, that’s all I wanted to feel. I had to find a way to rest. Forcing myself to read and take lessons finally weighed my eyelids with a heaviness I could no longer fight. Here are some tips to help those still struggling. If there are any other tricks feel free to share them. Artist: Just Girl Project

Anti-Social Bingo Club

Staying in is fine, do what makes you feel happy. Not every weekend is an adventure, some are for self-care especially if you’re feeling burnt out. Personally I was invited to a Brooklyn block party, but I have all this legal homework. Literally have to type my domestic violence complaint in chronological order to be submitted Monday. The sooner the better. Cannot wait to remove and imprison psychopath Mick Jagger and his equally psychotic, idiotic children. The amount of documentaries about to be made about this is wild. Dumbest, lamest, biggest loser family in Hollywood. Their time is UP. Do what feels right, fuck FOMO. Via: Just Girl Project

Working Out Beyond Losing Weight

Make it a habit and you feel odd not doing it. Working out is essential to a full, healthy, happy life. You never regret pushing yourself to exercise, you regret not doing it. How many times do you workout a week? Why? Artist: Just Girl Project

What Is Period Anxiety?

Beyond my lower back hurting, cramps, fatigue that can only be cured by going face down in a pile of cocaine Tony Montana style, my boobs swelling, feeling safer wearing bathing suit bottoms than underwear, not to mention panties reserved for this moment and feeling bloated there’s one more unnamed culprit for the curse, period anxiety.
I created the term when I was getting out of a cab one day, my eyes scanning the seats to see if I had an accident that went unnoticed. Right then I realized how many times I’d done this- on the train, getting up from a seat in class, or eating at a restaurant. As if this time of month wasn’t taxing enough. Period anxiety is the additional worry women have of bleeding out because their flow changed, or their tampon reached it’s maximum without them realizing and all we want is not to be publicly humiliated by biology. Just another mental strain in the epigenetic binder. After the first three days the fear should recede, but a period is a tricky thing when it goes away for HOURS only to reappear on it’s way out. How often have you experienced period anxiety? Via: Just Girl Project

Water Water Water

Most of our body is composed of water, most of this planet is composed of water. Take this moment to understand that without it we will not survive, appreciate all that it gives us and it’s medicinal properties. Crying isn’t weak. The ocean is not our trash receptacle. When’s the last time water healed you? For me it’s taking a hot bath to soothe my overextended muscles. When’s the last time you cried? Via: Spirit Daughter (top) Just Girl Project

Beach Bumming Necessities

Time for fun in the sun. Going to the beach tomorrow to be my darkest, best, even toned self. Things I’ll be bringing: Water, snacks, weed (let me know when someone dies “study” who was funded by I’ll soon find out), liquor, ipad (for book purposes), a towel, coconut oil (that’s how you cook in the kitchen), sunscreen (I say fuck it, but for some reason my shoulders burn and peel, painful af), sunnies and a good time. What are your beach day necessities? Via: Just Girl Project

Pick One To Cut Out Today

Emotions and thoughts shape your reality, talk about low vibrations these are it. Ever evolving creatures, there will always be something to refine. To live a high vibrational life you have to replace these negative emotions with positive ones like: love, happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, self-respect…Choose something from this picture to fix, maybe it’s another low energy that isn’t included. Personally I don’t experience jealousy it’s a pointless emotion (it does nothing for the person feeling it, nor does it hinder the person you’re envious of), but boy am I always on the receiving end (“friends”, a business partner who would cut her nose to spite her face, gay men who have friends they want to fuck, who want to fuck me, hi Roger Chillingworth and your clown ass crew, also the reason I unfollowed that model who thinks he can hang out with people who racially disrespect me like he’s exempt, insecure women who love the men who love me, people who want to be black, people who seek the attention I fight tooth and nail to avoid, toxic family members…this is why I keep things to myself). Be honest, what do you need to work on today?

I’ve been working on the grudge ball. As someone who can efficiently dismantle people who cross me, it can be hard not to seek vengeance. Especially when minding my business. In the past my lesson was to stand up for myself, now it’s about letting go. Balance is key, every lesson has a time and a place. So instead of reminding the basic, vapid, idiotic, superficial people who couldn’t buy the experiences I have, who despite my saying it a million times don’t understand I value the things that have meaning. If I wanted the things you covet I could have them, how is it that you know me again? Exactly. Not only will I have those material items on my own terms, but I have a spiritual fulfillment most of you will never achieve. You’re too focused on the external. I wake up without that void that consumes you everyday and for that I feel bad for you. So I forgive you, gods got it. Hopefully one day you’ll experience this true joy, to know yourself whole. Artist: Sammy Jo

Are You Toxic?

You’re jealous of your actual friends.
You want to see them do well, but not better than you.
You only like them when they’re down, it makes you feel superior.
You take your insecurities out on them.
You root against them secretly, not for them.
When your friends accomplish something you think “why them not me?”
You’re competitive, their success has to be outshined by something you’ve done.

Is their something I’m forgetting? Friendship is important, these people are your tribe. I’ve have so many toxic friends, who love me when I’m down and pray I fall when I’m up. Be honest with yourself, it’s the only way to change it. Have you exhibited any of these behaviors?

Eternal Anxiety

Beginning of the week blues. Sometimes it feels like life is just flying by, but I know that’s my mind not being grounded in the present. It’s replaying the past, or planning for the future. So I stop and take a deep breath to recenter myself. Photo: Just Girl Project