A Push Out Of Procrastination

Prostration can be a bitch. Sometimes you’re lazy, other times you’re just scared and talking yourself out of something for fear of failing. Break the spell with the above tips. Personally I feel so accomplished checking things off, or erasing them from a whiteboard using different colored markers. I’m the type of person who finds joy at Staples, I loved school supply shopping: highlighters, binders, binder tabs, dividers, clipboards, staplers!!!! There are different ways to get motivated, find yours.

If you do choose to tell a friend, make sure it’s someone you trust. Letting people know your plans opens you up to evil eyes. You don’t want someone wishing ill upon you, blocking your manifestations. Remember misery loves company, some people don’t want you to do better than them. Some people want you to be just as disappointed in life as they are. Fuck those people, use them as motivation. There’s nothing better than rubbing success in their low vibrational basic faces. Who are they to limit you? Via: Just Girl Project