What Is Period Anxiety?

Beyond my lower back hurting, cramps, fatigue that can only be cured by going face down in a pile of cocaine Tony Montana style, my boobs swelling, feeling safer wearing bathing suit bottoms than underwear, not to mention panties reserved for this moment and feeling bloated there’s one more unnamed culprit for the curse, period anxiety.
I created the term when I was getting out of a cab one day, my eyes scanning the seats to see if I had an accident that went unnoticed. Right then I realized how many times I’d done this- on the train, getting up from a seat in class, or eating at a restaurant. As if this time of month wasn’t taxing enough. Period anxiety is the additional worry women have of bleeding out because their flow changed, or their tampon reached it’s maximum without them realizing and all we want is not to be publicly humiliated by biology. Just another mental strain in the epigenetic binder. After the first three days the fear should recede, but a period is a tricky thing when it goes away for HOURS only to reappear on it’s way out. How often have you experienced period anxiety? Via: Just Girl Project

That One Percent…

Says after tomorrow never, ever, ever mention Amazon gift cards again! Lol, it’s been a great source of miscommunication and angst. Don’t talk to me about them for at least a month. Literally just don’t, it’s ruined two days of my life. Is there something innocuous that’s irritated you? Via: Sunflowers Need Sun

René Magritte The Lovers 1928

“If this sort of romantic love were cocaine, then as a culture we’d all be like Tony Montana in Scarface: burying our faces in a fucking mountain of it, screaming, ‘Say hello to my lee-tle friend!’
The problem is that we’re finding out romantic love is kind of like cocaine. Like, frighteningly similar to cocaine. Like, stimulates the exact same parts of your brain as cocaine. Like, gets you high and makes you feel good for a while but also creates as many problems as it solves, as does cocaine.”- Mark Manson