Asian Men Aren’t Allowed To Be

“Men like him, the article would suggest, weren’t supposed to lose their cool-though I was never specified whether ‘like him’ meant lawyers or something else entirely. But the truth was-as Mr. Richardson recognized- that an angry Asian man didn’t fit the public’s expectations, and was therefore unnerving. Asian men could be socially inept and incompetent and ridiculous, like Long Duk Dong, or at best unthreatening and slightly buffoonish, like Jackie Chan. They’re not allowed to be angry and articulate and powerful. And possibly right, Mr. Richardson thought uneasily.” Artist: Andy Warhol

Beach Bumming Necessities

Time for fun in the sun. Going to the beach tomorrow to be my darkest, best, even toned self. Things I’ll be bringing: Water, snacks, weed (let me know when someone dies “study” who was funded by I’ll soon find out), liquor, ipad (for book purposes), a towel, coconut oil (that’s how you cook in the kitchen), sunscreen (I say fuck it, but for some reason my shoulders burn and peel, painful af), sunnies and a good time. What are your beach day necessities? Via: Just Girl Project