Supermodel 101: Claudia Schiffer

Going through photographs for this curation of Claudia, I completely understand the photographers dilemma. This one, no this one, no that one, what’s the limit? The camera loves her. If Barbie were a real life human she would be it, the pure blue eyes, long blond locks and pouty pink lips. The German beauty was discovered in a Dusseldorf nightclub and has been gracing countless magazine covers and runways ever since. Karl Lagerfeld declared her his muse in 1988, making her the face of Chanel. Now a mother of three she’s spread her wings beyond the modeling industry, adding to her resume fashion design and acting. This iconic supermodel just turned 50 and damn, she’s still got it. Is she Barbie or sex icon Brigitte Bardot? Via: Cosmopolitan Magazine, L’officiel, and Supermodel Claudia Schiffer (instagram)

Diverse Dolls

Barbie has expanded their line of dolls to capture the spectrum of humanity. This is groundbreaking for the company, that in the past received criticism for their blond hair, blue eyed, one dimensional beauty. Representation is so essential, what you see is what you believe you can be, also children need to know yeah, you belong, you aren’t an other. Inclusivity is integral. Via: Industrie Africa

Peep the link for the full collection:

Brave Accessories

Dismembering Barbie dolls has never been so chic…or acceptable, but for the sake of fashion. These accessories are only for the brave, says Russian designer Chorty Chto. Are you brave enough? Do you love em or hate em? Photos: Chorty Chto