Supermodel 101: Claudia Schiffer

Going through photographs for this curation of Claudia, I completely understand the photographers dilemma. This one, no this one, no that one, what’s the limit? The camera loves her. If Barbie were a real life human she would be it, the pure blue eyes, long blond locks and pouty pink lips. The German beauty was discovered in a Dusseldorf nightclub and has been gracing countless magazine covers and runways ever since. Karl Lagerfeld declared her his muse in 1988, making her the face of Chanel. Now a mother of three she’s spread her wings beyond the modeling industry, adding to her resume fashion design and acting. This iconic supermodel just turned 50 and damn, she’s still got it. Is she Barbie or sex icon Brigitte Bardot? Via: Cosmopolitan Magazine, L’officiel, and Supermodel Claudia Schiffer (instagram)

I Have Sex Like A Man

Pardon moi, I have better sex than men do. It all started with Cosmopolitan Magazine, as a youth I was obsessed. Hypnotized by the glossy colorful pages filled with female knowledge. My bible, dutifully purchasing every issue to hoard. One article talked about the elusive and revered G-spot. The best orgasm of your life, but barely found despite every woman for a fact having one. I was determined to find mine using their map. 2- 3 inches in, on the top wall of the vaginal canal, easier instructed than located.

I informed my boyfriend at the time of my mission to reach the peak of pleasure, the ultimate. The perks of the usually toxic male ego, he was more than game, just to prove nothing goes untouched by man. Day in and day out we tried to no avail. Honestly, if there were a vaginal ruler life would have been much easier, seeking something so small makes that inch between 2 and 3 a vast canyon. Disheartened I called it, the stuff of legends and nothing more. He didn’t, it’s science, it had to be there. After approximately a month it happened, I felt it, glory be and thank god for the supple fingered pianist.

Fear soughed through me when we broke up (the fifth of a million times), what if he was the only one who could activate my holy altar? Wrong, I couldn’t be more wrong, my best friend has never abandoned me. I orgasm from the aforementioned place every single time, multiple times, with everybody, and I don’t need an hours recovery for another round.

This is rare, 75% of women can’t achieve any form of orgasm without doing a litany of other things. Most depend on clitoral stimulation to get there, if ever. The ability to cum every time with no need for foreplay, just like a dude, the most magnificent of blessings (counted daily). Usually women have that one man, which is why we hold onto the no goods. Not my problem, granted the intensity varies with each partner, for the most part all penises cancel out. Meaning I genuinely enjoy sex, just for the carnality of it, I don’t need that one special person, I’ll climax without fail. I’m not dickmatized or dependent, if you aren’t behaving properly exit stage left. Now to keep me, you have to show me your soul, be a stand up human being and treat me properly, because a beautiful man is by no means hard to find.

I fully believe that if every woman accessed her G-spot, they would feel less inclined to stick with fuck boys. Am I right ladies, aren’t you with them because they are the closest to making you feel good? Photo: Tina Maria Elena