Self-Care Is Health Care

Take a moment to check in with yourself. Health is wealth. We tend to think physical health when this saying is used, but it goes for the mental as well. Self-care is health care. Something I wasn’t doing anymore, until this stressful job exited my life. Reflect on the above questions and give attention where necessary. Artist: Self Care Express

Bullet Points In Progress

A reminder to take it easy. Personally working on slowing down. I ran before I learned to walk, a theme/pattern in my life. Sometimes I’m so busy going from A to Z, life just rushes by. Understanding it’s the journey that matters is the lesson I’m currently working on. It takes patience & presence. Which bullet point resonates with you? Via: The Anxiety Healer

Crying Is Healthy It Heals You

Crying is healthy,
bottling up hurt, trauma, and negativity isn’t.

Via: Innsightful_

Just In Case You’re Feeling Down

Just in case you’re struggling and need this reminder. Mental health can be difficult, maybe you’re depressed, maybe you’re having a bad cycle on the wheel of fortune. Just know you matter and someone is happy you’re here. Artist: Words By Abbie

People Who Are Good For You Mentally

Get rid of toxicity, it’s draining and lowers your vibration. If someone isn’t good for your mental health ditch them, life is too short to waste time, or energy, on people who don’t make you feel good. Replace them with people who care. That’s why I’m suing Mick Jagger and documented how he’s treated me. He thought I’d miss him, but I don’t. I truly just pity him, he’s stuck in toxicity because he’s a coward. He’s spineless and an old man child. Who do you need to leave behind? Via: An Anxiety Thing

Small Accomplishments Are Huge Privileges

Every action counts. If you’ve dealt with crippling depression, or any other mental/physical ailments you’ll know this is truer than true. Giving af about yourself is hard to do for many people, sometimes it’s circumstantial. Find blessings in the small things. Gratitude makes for greater abundance. Cause guess what? There’s someone, somewhere, who sees your small feat as a huge privilege. To have indoor plumbing, access to books, a bed… How many of these small accomplishments did you get done today? Via: YourSelfLoveMatters

It’s Not Unmanly To Struggle

Dear men,
You are human meaning you are allowed to be vulnerable, struggle and share your emotions. We need to stop telling you to man up. We are all apart of creating and perpetuating toxic masculinity. We’re sorry, feel free to be without our gender restraints. Let’s dismantle this together. How have you taken part in the cycle? How will you help end it? Via: Furthur_Coaching

Allowed To Cut You Off

Don’t get offended, give people the same freedom and space you would like. Sometimes you trigger things in them and they can’t deal. Respect their decision the way you want yours respected. How do you handle being cut off? Via: Tarunvmishra