Loving Someone Vs. Being In Love

You can be in love with someone and not love them. The former is a feeling, the latter is an action. Two different things. Loving someone is expressed by caring for them, treating them properly, nurturing them, being affectionate, supporting them, prioritizing their happiness, not abusing them. Know the difference. Via: Goddamn.333

What Are The Lines Of Your Life?

If you were to draw the lines of your life thus far, what would they look like in regards to these categories? Do they match up? A great way to reflect on your relationships. You can add additional lines, if you have multiple siblings, best friends, friends with benefits…Via: Word Hue

Non-Toxic Partners

Maintaining your own separate identity, setting boundaries, asking for respect all of these things are key. If its toxic get rid of it. Who doesn’t fit the bill? (Photo: People I’ve Loved)