Bretman Rock Did Me A Favor

I just want to say thank you Bretman Rock, for doing me a solid and coming to Gammeeok after that false rat soup scandal. As you know I’m suing them now, but wanted to take a moment to appreciate you. The fact that you as a Filipino came to dine there, despite false news to support me is everything. Especially due to the prosecution being Filipino with a history of smearing Korean restaurants.
You know I’m obsessed with you. You’re gorgeous inside and out. I should have mentioned I worked the overnight shift. That’s here nor there. You’re so fucking major I probably would have passed out tbh. Also everyone was gagging when I showed this picture. My apologies for the poor management and marketing on behalf of the restaurant, which should have been grateful for your presence. You are blessed and highly favored henny. I got you boo. Via: ItsJqBoo

Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent

The fact that Alvin Bragg believes his victims, innocent people of color he’s paid to convict, are going to sign plea deals is very telling. It certifies that he intends to cause the wrongly prosecuted duress via mental anguish. Going back and forth to court, hearing these trumped up charges, criminal records, stalling, in order to torment the accused into ending the entire ordeal, by any means necessary. Sign the plea and it’s over. Something he doesn’t do to our white counterparts, as he believes them intellectually superior to us colored people, that they would not fall for such a ruse. Illegal, immoral, unethical.
Alvin Bragg when pursuing actor Jonathan Majors, in an effort to ruin his life, career, and adding another black person into the plantation prison system, simply forgot about me. Such is his inferior intellect. He forgot he let Melanie Raggedy Anne Hamrick do the same thing to me; a white woman lying on yet another black person, under Uncle Tom’s watch.

I sent Majors lawyer, Priya Chaundry, all my evidence; last minute I sent her Mick Jagger texting me two hours before that couple made up Rat Soup. I’ll be sharing that in a separate article. Bragg and Jagger both orchestrated that Gammeeok lie, which is why it got so much media attention. That’s where I worked.
I used my case to get Bragg to indict Donald Trump and Rat Soup was his payback. Proving the lengths Bragg would go through to incarcerate the innocent. That’s why he went from having multiple domestic violence accusers against Majors, to needing more time to gather evidence. Mind you he swore up and down Majors did this. Cause I fucked his shit up.
Gee you fat fool, did you think I wouldn’t submit evidence of you letting a white woman lie on me, also resulting in a restraining order? The false evidence she submitted committing perjury? My case getting dismissed when said evidence was submitted to a judge, because I didn’t sign the plea deal. Read: Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory.
Bragg has a history of racial profiling. Black people, stereotyping the Asian community, arresting Jose Alba for defending himself, yet needing protest to arrest Daniel Penny. A white a man who wasn’t under attacked, but killed a black man.

Below you’ll find one Rachel Pauley, being the judge for Majors. The same judge who granted Melanie the rapist Hamrick a restraining order. Mind you it was false evidence.

I’m wondering if the judge needs to be investigated as well? This is clearly an organized system of crime and racism.
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, were common denominators between my case and Trump’s. Bragg was not going to charge Trump originally, until I called him out on racketeering. Since Murdoch and Hall told Melanie he could be paid. That’s when Bragg decided to indict him. Murdoch clearly doesn’t feel bad, as he’s the one who published Melanie deformed Hamrick’s ghost written book. That article is coming.
Times up you demonic hoes. The devil always comes to collect. T you will pay what owe. Enjoy your time. Xoxo Athena and Queen of Witches. Via: CBS News, Time, CNN & Jaquana Cornelius

Leave Your Burdens Behind

Me leaving my job after the unprofessionalism, stupidity, and endangerment. I was so burdened by keeping all those people employed, dealing with unruly cooks, that my face started to break out. That’s how stressed I was. Leaving has lifted a great weight off my shoulders and I haven’t woken up with a new blemish since. Over it. Suing is a much better vibe.
Fuck this. I was the intended victim of rat soup. The business not utilizing the fame, essentially doing no marketing and being ran like shit isn’t on me. I got everything I needed, grateful it’s over. Save your money people, that way you’re not tethered to places that no longer serve you. What’s stressing you out that needs to be removed from your life? Via: Love Tina Turner

Melanie Hamrick Wants Sebastian Stan

If you recall my piece Melanie Hamrick Stalks Sebastian Stan, Melanie ugly Hamrick has also been stalking Sebastian Stan. Losing her mind she messaged me from one of her many troll accounts, Angela_Shortt under his photograph on Emmy’s weekend. Mind you this was submitted to court, with my case being dismissed Oct 24th 2022. This fan page MyStaisyHeart is probably Melanie, she then proceeds as Angela Shortt to like only the pictures with Sebastian, or him and Daisy. She in her delusional, mentally unstable mind thinks she favors Daisy Edgar Jones (read Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly).
Sebastian who saved my life from whatever incubus (Mick Jagger’s Incubus Energy) shit Mick was doing to me.
Sebastian, who like Mick, would never look at her.

Unlike me she doesn’t have other options, she’s stuck with what she black magicked raped- a pedophile, a psychopath, a domestic abuser, who Kendall Jenner accurately described (from a troll account) as a slave master. He’s a racist who sees blacks as property and Asians as other, since he helped orchestrate that Rat Soup scandal at Gammeeok. He then got Melanie a ghost writer, because I’m a writer, because he likes to torture women.

Mind you Melanie still looks a mess doused in makeup, but that ugly bitch blessed my life. She wishes she could have someone young, beautiful, not on the way to prison before the grave, someone who isn’t sagging everywhere, as he’s what, her third sexual experience in life…She doesn’t like the Jaggers, not even Mick. Instead she’s obsessed with me and Sebastian.
Mick is getting everything he earned. A mentally unstable, ugly murderer, stalker, rapist, who takes everything away from him due to satanic dealings. They should both be forced to register as sex offenders, since she was going to do the same to me (read Melanie Hamrick Is In Love With Me). That’s up to the discretion of my lawyer, who has full power of attorney since I’m in no state with my abused, PTSD addled mind to make decisions properly regarding the matter. That being said, I’m going after his French estate next (explained on my public Facebook, Jaquana Cornelius). I’m going after everything.
Damn, you going to jail for an unattractive person who doesn’t even want you. An old clown. Clink clink. Everything you did is evidence of your abuse, you better take the plea you don’t stand a chance in court for a trial. Via: ItsJqBoo & Sebastian Stan

Time Stamping Ronnie Wood

Welcome to the truth. As you can see I’m not only giving Jonathan Majors lawyer my evidence dealing with Alvin Bragg, I’m time stamping the lack of remorse Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood feel for their hate crime. Lack of remorse equals more jail time. Two minutes after I posted about Majors, Ronnie decided to post, attempting to deceive the public. They’ve constantly done this, here’s the proof, both pictures were screenshot today (June 21st 2023) at 10:14am. Ronnie is the definition of a culturally appropriating, sociopath clown. These are two old fools, with unattractive Karen’s who both have a history of domestic violence. I sent my lawyer this Daily Mail article detailing Jagger’s history of abusing women,
He had his personal assistant message me just like he did Marsha Hunt, he love bombed me with love poems, just like Marsha, and when I didn’t do what he wanted, he abused me, just like Marsha. Down to the financial despair. Thank the almighty I don’t have a child with him, as he left his on welfare. He left Karis Jagger to die.
This a man who lies, because he’s a psychopath. Now his lies and abhorrent behavior are catching up to him.

Thanks to my paper trailing Melanie uggo Hamrick, as well as those aligned with her felonies, Majors case is now about racism, not this assault. Alvin Bragg has a history of racial profiling: instantly arresting that deli guy who was defending himself from violence, setting Gammeeok up with an Asian stereotype of Rat Soup after sending his friend in post stalking me, the aforementioned Marvel actor, originally not charging Donald Trump, a white man, when the state attorney found reasons to charge him, not arresting Daniel Penny, another white man for killing a black person. People had to protest for Penny’s arrest. The lengths he’ll go through to incarcerate innocent people, is what I’ll be sending Majors lawyers next, from corrupt cops, corrupt Grievance boards, corrupt legal aid lawyers, and “lawyers” incarcerating/sentencing people sans a New York license (so fucking illegal, like Jessie Willams who prosecuted me). He 100 percent will pay people to lie on Majors. He’s a rolly, polly, Uncle Tom criminal. Only indicting Trump, because I had him on racketeering charges, Jerry Hall & Rupert Murdoch were the missing link. They told murderer, stalker, rapist Melanie to pay Bragg.

I gave my lawyer full power of attorney, because I trust her. Mick being a victim sometimes makes me feel bad for him. When the reality is he brought this upon himself, this is his karma for his disregard for human life, as he left Marianne Faithfull comatose. Never visiting her once after embarrassing her, going to see Marsha instead.
I know how it feels to prefer death to dealing with Mick. I’m going to make sure no person, no woman, ever feels that way again. You can fool people, but you can’t fool fate. The devil always come to collect and you’ve reaped what you sowed. What is the legal importance of time stamping and establishing history of a person’s character when assessing legal damages? Via: Insider, ItsJqboo, Daily Mail & Ronnie Wood.

My Favorite Korean Meals

When I first started at Gammeeok I didn’t think I’d make it. Although I grew up with the different ethnic groups that make up the Asian community, I had little to no experience with Korean food. Thai food, Filipino food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food, I’m well versed in those cuisines. It wasn’t until I trained, which was really just throwing me on the floor during busy season, that I realized I’d never eaten Korean food before (beyond kimchi and barbecue)! Reflecting back, I only truly knew two Korean people- one half British, the other a co-worker adopted by white parents.
K-Town was for karaoke (which we didn’t do often) and that rooftop bar, with the sweet ass happy hour deals. Meaning I wasn’t immersed in the culture the way my peers pulled me into theirs, but I love learning, I love experiencing other customs. Life would truly be a dull, gray, rainbow without the spectrum of heritages across the human race.

In the beginning I literally couldn’t take an order without guests pointing at the menu. I didn’t understand a lick of what anybody was saying. The words were foreign, because it was a foreign language. I didn’t speak Korean, nor did I know the side condiments that went with each dish. There was no formal training, or structure, I learned on the fly, studying the menu on my first solo shift. Not a soul came in that Monday, thank the Almighty God. I spent every second studying what comes with each meal. Next shift I had it memorized.
In honor of President Yoon Suk Yeol’s recent visit to the States, as well as Asian American Pacific Islander Month, here are my faves:

Jokbal (photo one)- this is my favorite dish of all, pig trotters. Be it spicy or regular, you can’t go wrong. The shrimp sauce and bean paste you dip the regular jokbal in is sooooooo good, albeit salty (love salt, so it’s right up my alley). It’s just perfectly textured, perfectly savory.
Seolleong Tang (photo two)– my favorite soup, at one point I ate it everyday for two weeks straight. Deadass. It’s sliced brisket, noodles and rice in an ox bone broth. It’s served with scallions, salt and pepper. I do my own thing by dipping the brisket in soy sauce. For some reason this is the best soup to eat alongside kimichi. People often put the jus from kimchi directly in their soup to spice it up. Please note this soup is served sans seasoning, you have to flavor it to your liking. It gets a bad wrap due to folks not salting it themselves, which is incredibly frustrating cause it’s so damn good. It’s now a comfort food for me. Also I think it gives you an energy boost. I’m wide awake after eating seolleong tang, it’s wild.
Japchae (photo three)- stir fried glass noodles mixed with vegetables and typically beef, so fucking gooooooodddddddd. Pretty self explanatory.
Pajeon- aka seafood pancake, assorted seafood and peppers mixed with flour, dipped into a pepper soy sauce. Fun fact, tastes excellent with cheese on top.
Dolsot Bibimbap- a sizzling, hot, bowl of rice and vegetables served with beef, an egg and gochujang sauce. I eat mine with added cheese, for a burst of flavor.
Sogogi Gukbap- I love the galbi tang, love the samgye tang, but I love love the sogogi gukbap. A spicy ox bone broth soup, with cubes of beef and vegetables. So fucking good.
Kimchi- fermented cabbage is a staple in any Korean meal. Fun fact, kimichi is not only a probiotic, but good for anti-aging. The only downside, high sodium levels. As my palette evolves, I’ve found I prefer the kkakdugi, like most older people. It’s like when you like sweet wine as a youth, then realize dry is king.

Beyond the food, what I learned working at my first Korean restaurant is humanity, that language is learned, even Koreans had to learn it. Sounds simple, but it’s easy to forget when you’re not pushed out of your comfort zone. Now I have no problem understanding my guests, because practice makes perfect, no matter who you are. Being able to master the menu gave me confidence, now I can’t fathom that abai sundae was gibberish to me. Cause guess what guys? Race is a social construct. We’re all one race, human, with different ethnic groups, whose appearances formed based on our environment. Just like the beaks of Charles Darwin’s finches. Wild right? Via: Eater (Wonho Frank Lee), Cook With Dana & Cookerru