The Right To Be Equal Oppressors

Instead of rallying behind narratives that center on America’s return to the misogynistic past, they could actually vote in their own interests. They could skip the dramatic shows of support for predators and I stead support their own freedoms.
Irrationally, what white women seem to fear is that if they push back against the misogyny, then what power they currently have will be lost. In the same way many white men seem to see power as a zero-sum game, so white women want to cling to the agency and selfhood they feel they have fought so hard to achieve. They genuinely believe that by defending these avatars of the patriarchy, they will somehow benefit even if it’s at the expense of everyone else.
When you see causal racism from so called feminist white women, you have to understand that whatever work they are willing to do to insulate themselves, they are still willing to sacrifice others for their right to be equal oppressors. They might not characterize it that way, might feel genuinely offended that anyone can perceive them as the weak link in the chain that is feminism. Via: Ramona Singer

This Is Paris


A documentary created consciously, with thought. The hotel heiress proves again, that she’s one of the most fascinating people you will ever see. Personally I’ve watched everything Paris has done, including The World According To Paris. The way she cursed out Brooke Sheen I knew she was a New Yorker, when angry we don’t mince words.

This Is Paris is so relatable I started to freak out: the trust issues, believing abuse was love, dumbing myself down for other people to be comfortable, putting on a mask so when you get hurt it hurts less (after all they were tearing down the facade, not who you really are). I didn’t expect my heart to break, but it was always very obvious to me that Paris is highly intelligent. To be the architect is to be ten steps ahead. I watched her build TMZ on her back with her equally enthralling crew. God those were the days, we still reminisce about them now.

This is a moving masterpiece, one that reminds you not to judge, that women are more than objects and vulnerability is strength. I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug her, as well as those who suffered abuse at Camp Provo.

Three unexpected features that steal the show:

  1. Kathy Hilton’s Outfits: Whatever that silver get up was when she was decorating the Christmas tree, I NEED it. Glamorous as per Pisces female usual.
  2. Nicky Hilton: Just a real one. Sage, gangster and grounded. A regal energy you can’t take your eyes off of.
  3. Sheeraz Hassan: Just wanted to pick his brain. Super intelligent.

Thank you for reminding us that being human is to be imperfect. Showing us your scars has healed others and elevated your beauty, now it shines from within. Via: Youtube Originals