PSA Regarding Min Jin Lee

Everyone who’s anyone reads my blog, which is why I make sure to be educational, multicultural. Meaning both District Attorney, Alvin incompetent Bragg and Dua Lipa have seen my post about Min Jin Lee, then decided to use her for some sort of leg up with me. Both of them are terrible people, Dua Lipa supports oppression, racism, domestic violence, murder and more. She’s a low vibrational, satanic person. In fact Dua surpasses Mark Zuckerberg in involvement of hate crimes committed against me. It’s not just Mick Jagger, or the Kardashian Jenner West’s, she’s also involved with Genc Jakupi. He’s my former Miss Lily’s boss (read: Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (1/2) and Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (2/2)) who stalked me for five years, until a more powerful white man got him to stop (Mick Jagger is such a paradox, vacillating between saving my life and trying to end it). All this post by Min Jin Lee did was remind me I need to get Dua Lipa subpoenaed. Thanks Min.

Stop using Min Jin Lee as a pawn. You’re never getting a deal. Your actions determined your fate. Yours were hateful, inhumane, barbaric, and deplorable. Beyond Min Jin Lee too, everyone stop using people I admire or love to plead your case. You showed me who you are, now it’s time to face the music. You did this to yourself. Accept your fate. Via: MahattanDA & Min Jin Lee

Min Jin Lee Trilogy

Min Jin Lee was at The Strand recently. On one hand I’m angry af, I would’ve loved to meet her. On the other hand, I admire her so much I don’t know if I could handle it. She’s one of my favorite authors. I’ve read all her novels, and am anxiously awaiting the third installment of her trilogy.
It’s not a trilogy in the traditional sense, where it’s the same characters carried over three books, rather it’s a singular thematic focus, the Korean diaspora. She starts off with Free Food For Millionaires and follows up with Pachinko, which still leaves me in despair. NOAH, why? After all she went through, after all we went through? Both vastly different books. Lee’s characters stain the mind forever. Have you read her novels? Which is your favorite? Via: Lee_MinJin

Jerry Hall Is An Idiot

“Ted would never have married a dumb woman. A man who marries a dumb woman gets dumb children- everybody knew that.”

Mick Jagger resented me for being extremely intelligent, smarter than him. Instead of seeing it as an asset, which it is since I saved your lives, he wanted to control me, make me dumb like the women he’s chosen to have kids with and the one who raped him. Side note: choose a woman wisely, for she is a mermaid, or a siren and will make or break your empire.
Jerry Hall is as Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol said, dumb, she is one of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen, as are her idiot children. She’s always quoted saying I’ll get a maid for the cleaning, a cook for the cooking and I’ll do the work in bed…that’s exactly why he cheated on you with both those people.
Not one of your kids is talented, didn’t your son star in Vinyl? Yup, because daddy was a producer and what happened? It got cancelled, because he has no talent. None of his children do, mediocre and entitled, everything “earned” came from their parents. Their mothers cemented their worth in an abusive man, I can’t even imagine being Luciana Giminez letting someone finish inside me sans condom just for fame, especially with his history. All of you are a disgrace to women. Allowing yourselves to be side chicks, mistresses, fighting over and being complicit with a man who clearly doesn’t respect you. Beautiful objects, (minus deformed, stalker, rapist, murderer Melanie Hamrick), is all you are.

Mick like his women, is a terrible parent and it shows. Please don’t get confused, his line dies off thanks to not listening to the only smart person in the bunch, a goddess no less, who had better breeding than every single one of you. I don’t even think you could get into my schools. This is a family of psychopaths. Their time is up. Jerry’s kids are the reason for her only marriages demise. This didn’t age well after all. Your entire line is a joke, thank God almighty you don’t incarnate again. Meanwhile I’ll be a feminist icon, still in his legacy as a sex bomb, rich af sans baby, because you all thought you solidified status for birthing trash. Yet here I am, taking it all away. Thank Melanie Hamrick for her deal with the devil, when the world turns on you for L’wren Scott just know I’ll be laughing my ass off.

Ladies be like me, both brains and beauty, not like these complicit weak women. Karma is real, this is indeed the end of an era. Go see The Rolling Stones, this is their last tour, Mick was too dumb to pay me. Freedom, the freedom he took from me, now eludes him. He will die in prison, because I’m done being nice. Bye Brenda, you bitch. Via: Hola.Com

Alvin Bragg Is A Felon

Case: Melanie deformed Hamrick, brings screenshots of messages I sent to multiple troll accounts she was stalking me on, paying Alvin Bragg to press charges for stalking, harassment and threatening her life. Why pay? Between Trump and this there’s no way he isn’t getting money. Why else would he risk his career and freedom? I, as a goddess of justice knew Melanie, who I blocked, would do this. I set her up for what she did to L’Wren Scott, in fact there was a feather in the room next to me at the precinct. Feathers are signs from the heavens of protection, that you’re on the right path (amongst other symbolic meanings). Confirmation that Melanie uneven chin, thin lipped, ugly eyed, deformed nose, with no body, no career, no style Hamrick, was going to jail. As I promised her. Good things come to those who co-create and wait. I needed to confirm these accounts were hers, since she confesses slash incriminates herself for murder, stalking and rape. Indeed she did with this case.

Alvin Bragg I was told by my lawyer (who I kept to keep an eye on), panders to celebrities. Now he’s realizing Melanie is a nobody, and he’s going to jail for it on the following felonious charges:

1. Failure to disclose exculpatory evidence: anyone investigating be it a detective, or lawyer, is legally required to share any evidence proving the defendant innocent. It’s all over my Instagram, Facebook and blog, that she was stalking me from Spring 2021. I documented it publicly. These are the same sources they used for the case, there’s no excuse. Furthermore, when I was interrogated not only did the detective not read me my Miranda rights (meaning anything I said is inadmissible in court), I told him those were all troll accounts and I blocked her. He didn’t ask me to show him, knowing Insta allows you to have several accounts (since he made sure to get both of mine) and allows you to block people. He’ll also be sued and imprisoned.
After I told him, Melanie went back and he still didn’t investigate properly, by asking which accounts my messages were sent to. Nor did he ask why she didn’t block me. When you dm someone the top of the screen shows who you’re speaking to. Knowing you’re allowed multiple accounts on Insta, it’s their job to do their due diligence by asking for the bottom part. You know that little circle that shows which account you’re logged into upon receiving said messages.

2. Misconduct: he mismanaged an investigation and was negligent. It’s his job as the district attorney to investigate properly and throughly, as you can see above he didn’t. He tried to set a protected citizen up. He’s a fat felon like detective Gustavo Paul. He also refused to subpoena Melanie’s accounts, although she admitted the troll accounts are hers. He had enough time to research that Min Jin Lee is one of my favorite authors, but missed the evidence of my innocence on the same blog. Criminal.

3. Violating my civil rights: as a black person and a woman I’m a protected citizen. Meaning he’s in deep shit. I was not treated fairly. Their jobs are to do an unbiased investigation, not listen to a white woman lie, then try to force me to plead to something I didn’t do. Clink clink big boy.

4. Deformation Per Se: Alvin Bragg charged me based on false evidence. I’m suing him, that ugly bitch Melanie, the arresting officer and the city for this one. You tried to make people think an innocent person was a criminal. Defamation is ruining someone’s reputation with false accusations, per se is added to the definition when an innocent person is implicated in illegal activities aka charged. C’est moi.

5. Malversation: when someone in a position of trust, usually in public office, abuses their power. He did it with Trump, he did it to me, he did it to others and if the universe didn’t send him my way, he’d do it again.

6. Violating my first amendment rights: the first amendment gives every citizen the right to free speech and press. I can say whatever the fuck I want to someone who is stalking and harassing me on troll accounts. Melanie isn’t doing business as under these accounts, they’re made to stalk and harass people like me and Noor. I did my part by blocking her, stopping her from communicating with me and my friends (who she started ating). Furthermore, I never threatened that soon to be dead murder rape baby. Not only did I let Mick Jagger decide his fate by asking him to get custody, I simply stated the terms of Melanie’s deal with the devil. That boy was created out of a soul sell, murder, rape, he will return from whence he came. I can say L’Wren is going take him if I fucking want you fat fuck. Btw she’s not, he will not incarnate again. He’s hell bound like the others, with a shortened lifespan. Which as evidenced here I tried to prevent, but Mick is a misogynist and thought me an idiot. Now look. If the evidence I uncovered were lies Melanie would have been able to sue me for defamation, but she couldn’t. I got her to incriminate herself. Who the fuck are you to tell me I can’t tell the truth? That I can’t have free speech you Uncle Tom? You pander to black people for our votes and our money like Kanye, then you Emmett Till us.

7. Perjury: submitting false evidence or oral statements to people in official rankings, to the court, to the cops, is illegal. Had she been doing business as under those accounts, where anyone who stumbles upon them know it’s affiliated with her that’s different. Had she blocked me and I kept making accounts to harass an ugly loser that’s different. None of those things happened. They were made aware that I never messaged her since he went to Instagram on May 12th, saw that I blocked her and still tried to build a case. Once he realized he didn’t have one, he stalled avoiding trial, thinking I’d be pressured if he threw in jail time. Nigga, I been trying to go to trial from the beginning. Had you had real evidence you would have already done it. You tried to add duress in order to frame an innocent person. When I refused his prosecutor Jesse Williams walked passed me in the court hallway so pissed off. This was his last hope in saving his ass, I called his bluff. You must be the dumbest person thinking you’d get away with it. He also lied in court on May 30th saying he wasn’t aware Melanie was still stalking/communicating with me violating the protective order, thank God I tagged him, the governor, and many others before that date documenting he did in fact know.

8. Accessory to murder: since Melanie admitted those troll accounts are hers, and she admitted to murdering L’Wren on one, Alvin is now an accessory to murder. This whole time he’s been trying to cover up the murder of L’Wren Scott. Boy is he gonna be serving time.

9. Violation of privacy: due to my social media accounts and blog being public, all the evidence there can be accessed by anyone. He had no right to subpoena anything. He publicized me in a false light and unnecessarily violated my privacy.

10. Duress: meaning you try to coerce someone to go against their better judgment, or freewill using force. He illegally tried to get me to sign a plea deal by threatening me (qualifier of duress) with prison time, to a crime I didn’t commit. Knowing I have PTSD adds a psychological pressure, another qualifier of duress. Looks like the only person doing jail time is you, Melanie, Jesse Williams and Detective Gustavo Paul. All of you are going to hell with shortened lifespans. Thank Melanie and your negligence, or you would have known. Enjoy your time, the way I’ll enjoy your money and imprisonment. Remember the devil always comes to collect. Via: The New York Times

Quit Hitting Snooze, Your Time Is Finite

“Listen, Casey…” Sabine talked faster and louder because the girl’s attention was slipping. “Every minute matters. Every damn second. All those times you turn on the television or go to the movies or shop for things you don’t need, all those times you stay at a bar sitting with some guy talking nonsense about how pretty your Korean hair is, every time you sleep with the wrong man and wait for him to call you back, wasting your time. Your life. Your life matters, Casey. Every second. And by the time you’re my age- you’ll see that for every day and every last moment spent, you were making a choice. And you’ll see that the time you had, that you were given, was wasted. It’s gone. And you cannot have any of it back.” Sabine tilted her head, her eyes full of worry. “Oh, my darling. Do you see that?”

Patriarchy: Keep Women Leashed

“Something happened after Jay and the two girls where Casey learned that she could climax without having affection for a man at the present moment. This was what men could do- make sex a physical sensation, not always emotional- and somewhere along the line, Casey realized that she could do it, too. Could all women?” Via: Cecile_Hoodie

Min Jin Lee Is Brilliant

Someone asked me eons ago who my favorite writer was, as a writer (shoutout to Lindsey Filowitz, it was you). I didn’t have one, because I’d never thought of it. Well not beyond childhood, where Roald Dahl and Beverly Clearly ruled. Often I read books based on synopsis, not the author. From that moment on it stuck with me, were poets and musicians included? Could I say Jim Morrison? I made a point to read books with the author in mind. Now I have a few favorites and Min Jin Lee is very much included. I recently finished her 2007 debut novel, Free Food for Millionaires, which solidified her authority as a weaver of words.

Free Food for Millionaires takes place in 90’s New York City. Two weeks after protagonist Casey Han graduates from Princeton, she returns home to Elmhurst, Queens where her abusive, blue collar father pressures her into major life decisions. After a violent altercation she is kicked out, unyielding to his world views. Everything about Korean immigrant Casey is unique, from her height, to her credit crippling addiction to luxury. She seeks to maintain the lifestyle she’s experienced amongst affluent friends, but doesn’t know how to get there while maintaining her principles. She finds herself adrift trying to navigate adulthood. Too prideful to accept help, she makes life far more complicated than necessary. She can’t help but feel envy for her rich peers, who have a safety net that eludes her. Their lives fall short in other ways though.

Min Jin Lee immerses the reader in the lives of these perfectly flawed, colorful character’s that orbit Casey’s world. Over the span of years we watch the hard knocks of adulting turn their lives upside down, dealing with topics of: classism, addiction, adultery, parenthood, love, forgiveness, GOD, lust, loss and identity. Min Jin Lee be it this book, or Pachinko (Yesu Cristo, it still gets me bro), creates such complex, well written characters, so incredibly human, you can’t help but feel empathy for them despite their actions. A reminder that anything can happen, and you never know what secrets people take to their graves. I also love her perspective, imagery, florid use of language, and life observations. Have you read any of her work? Via: The Lost Library

Clothing Could Change A Person

Clothing was magic. Casey believed this. She would never admit this to her classmates in any of her women’s studies courses, but she felt that an article of clothing could change a person, literally cast a spell. Each skirt, blouse, necklace, or humble shoe said something- certain pieces screamed, and others whispered seductively, but no matter, she experienced each item’s expression keenly, and she loved this world. Every article suggested an image, a life, a kind of woman, and Casey felt drawn by them. Via: Son Chapeau

Min Jin Lee Pachinko

Sunja is a pregnant teenager in the 1900’s. The baby daddy is an older married man with a sketchy profession, so sketchy she doesn’t know what he does. Bringing great shame to her family Sunja is saved by a holy man. A lodger in her parents boarding home offers her an out, by marrying her and claiming the child as his own. Sunja accepts, leaving behind her old life and moving to Japan so her husband can be a minister.

Thrown into this new world where she must endure poverty, racial discrimination, war…she is determined to provide a better life for her offspring. This book takes so many unexpected turns. Deserving of every accolade it’s received.

It’s so important to read from other cultural viewpoints, to understand that our differences make us beautiful. I had no idea how much racism Koreans faced from the Japanese. A must read.