Medication For The Insecure

The man who treated me badly,
who strung me along,
and who couldn’t make up his mind was lost
somewhere between his parents house and
my apartment that Thanksgiving night.

What is far more likely to happen in most cases
is that as long as you allow someone to treat you badly,
they will continue to do so.
If you’re not able to value yourself, no one else will either.

Artist: Flow Market Official

Min Jin Lee Pachinko

Sunja is a pregnant teenager in the 1900’s. The baby daddy is an older married man with a sketchy profession, so sketchy she doesn’t know what he does. Bringing great shame to her family Sunja is saved by a holy man. A lodger in her parents boarding home offers her an out, by marrying her and claiming the child as his own. Sunja accepts, leaving behind her old life and moving to Japan so her husband can be a minister.

Thrown into this new world where she must endure poverty, racial discrimination, war…she is determined to provide a better life for her offspring. This book takes so many unexpected turns. Deserving of every accolade it’s received.

It’s so important to read from other cultural viewpoints, to understand that our differences make us beautiful. I had no idea how much racism Koreans faced from the Japanese. A must read.