What You Consume You Become

You become who you surround yourself with.

You become what you consume.

If you find yourself in a slump or feel as though you’re living in a negative space, take a good hard look at who and what you see everyday.

Artist: Marius Sperlich

Change Course Slide Down A Chimney

It’s because when they went after their dreams and came up against a roadblock, when they experienced rejection, or when someone or something told them no…they listened.

In other words, if you can’t get through the front door, try the side window. If the window is locked, maybe you slide down the chimney. No doesn’t mean that you stop; it simply means that you change course in order to make it to your destination.

Photographer: Lois Cohen

Medication For The Insecure

The man who treated me badly,
who strung me along,
and who couldn’t make up his mind was lost
somewhere between his parents house and
my apartment that Thanksgiving night.

What is far more likely to happen in most cases
is that as long as you allow someone to treat you badly,
they will continue to do so.
If you’re not able to value yourself, no one else will either.

Artist: Flow Market Official