Kim Kardashian Drags Julia Fox

Speaking of paid to publish, let’s look back at Kim Kardashian paying The Sun to print this story about Julia Fox. Journalistic integrity has eroded significantly, real stars denounced the media for private lives. Now they’re being paid to print whatever these spectacles tell them to. Unfortunately, these stories are bias, untrue, or aiding in the obstruction of justice. The Sun, like many other publications will have to take accountability for not upholding the pillars of their industry. Thanks to Melanie ugly af Hamrick, The Sun like Daily Mail will be liable for their part in disseminating false information to aid in a felony, to cover up murder, rape, and a deal with the devil.

The Met Gala, which gets less interesting each year, is no longer noteworthy. This is better. Kanye West only dated Julia in an effort to spite both myself and his ex-wife, after reading my article East Side Middle School Alumni. Julia and I grew up together. He thought he was killing two birds with one stone, but I didn’t care. Following my lead, Kim pretended not to care, operative word pretend. I have her on multiple troll accounts dragging Julia. To be fair, I have Julia doing the same. I then used Kanye’s relationship with Julia to help Kim get custody. Since Kanye was ungrateful when I stopped him from getting 51/50’d. Please note Kim is petty for this, but it’s so rude it’s hilarious. Kimmy, Kimmy, if you weren’t evil, it’d all be fun and games.

Had Kanye simple Googled Ms. Fox he’d find pictures of her engaging in sexual acts, smeared in blood and shooting up heroin. Mind you she was more than a dominatrix, which is why she’s free to go. She helped me incriminate this satanic family, you’ll see.
Kanye is an unfit parent, who would bring his kids around anyone, no background check. That’s the basis of utilizing Julia in a custody battle. Once he realized her past history he dumped her, after being out & about with Chaney Jones of course. Julia then said they were in an open relationship due to embarrassment. Now she claims she dumped him. She’s good for some revisionist history henny. Pay attention folks, the media has an agenda and now they’ll be held accountable by a Goddess. Everything’s changing and nothing will be the same. Xoxo Athena. Via: The Sun

A List Of Things To Try If Exhausted

If you’re feeling exhausted take a moment and do something from this list. It’s always easier said then done, but give it a spin. I find spending one day doing absolutely nothing helps. I use to be one of those no days off people, always ended up having a breakdown. Not worth the deteriorating mental health. Things you can add to this list: get sleep, watch films, read a book, spa day, mediate, massage…self-care is health care, read that somewhere. Creator: Keeley Shaw Art

Venus Delta Variant Edition…

Of wear a mask, not everyone is vaccinated. Vaccinated people can still pass it on.

Via: Fashion Ography

“When You’re” By Robin Sharma

When you’re scared,
When you’re tired, rest.
When you’re confused,
When you’re hurt, feel.

When you’re strong,
When you’re wise, read.
When you’re at peace,
When you’re alive, help.

Artist: The Grnwood

Talent By Fran Lebowitz

“And the great thing about talent is that it is the one thing, that is absolutely randomly distributed throughout the population of the world. It has nothing to do with anything. It has–You cannot buy it. You cannot learn it. You know, you cannot inherit it. You can’t. It’s not genetic. Okay? It is just sprinkled like sand around the world, and it could come up anywhere.”

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While You’re Reading

Actually take a moment to do this. You’d be surprised at how much tension you carry in your body without noticing. If you can, take the time to honor your temple: get regular massages, do yoga, try acupuncture, hot stones, cupping, stretch, take a bath with lavender…What are other ways you can put your body at ease?

A Reminder From Rocky Horror

If you are going to celebrate be safe. Wear a mask, if not for your health, then for the people around you. Are you going out, or staying in? Via: Cinema Mania Cos Official