PSA Regarding Min Jin Lee

Everyone who’s anyone reads my blog, which is why I make sure to be educational, multicultural. Meaning both District Attorney, Alvin incompetent Bragg and Dua Lipa have seen my post about Min Jin Lee, then decided to use her for some sort of leg up with me. Both of them are terrible people, Dua Lipa supports oppression, racism, domestic violence, murder and more. She’s a low vibrational, satanic person. In fact Dua surpasses Mark Zuckerberg in involvement of hate crimes committed against me. It’s not just Mick Jagger, or the Kardashian Jenner West’s, she’s also involved with Genc Jakupi. He’s my former Miss Lily’s boss (read: Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (1/2) and Genc Jakupi, Naomi Campbell & Jordan Barrett (2/2)) who stalked me for five years, until a more powerful white man got him to stop (Mick Jagger is such a paradox, vacillating between saving my life and trying to end it). All this post by Min Jin Lee did was remind me I need to get Dua Lipa subpoenaed. Thanks Min.

Stop using Min Jin Lee as a pawn. You’re never getting a deal. Your actions determined your fate. Yours were hateful, inhumane, barbaric, and deplorable. Beyond Min Jin Lee too, everyone stop using people I admire or love to plead your case. You showed me who you are, now it’s time to face the music. You did this to yourself. Accept your fate. Via: MahattanDA & Min Jin Lee