Quit Hitting Snooze, Your Time Is Finite

“Listen, Casey…” Sabine talked faster and louder because the girl’s attention was slipping. “Every minute matters. Every damn second. All those times you turn on the television or go to the movies or shop for things you don’t need, all those times you stay at a bar sitting with some guy talking nonsense about how pretty your Korean hair is, every time you sleep with the wrong man and wait for him to call you back, wasting your time. Your life. Your life matters, Casey. Every second. And by the time you’re my age- you’ll see that for every day and every last moment spent, you were making a choice. And you’ll see that the time you had, that you were given, was wasted. It’s gone. And you cannot have any of it back.” Sabine tilted her head, her eyes full of worry. “Oh, my darling. Do you see that?”