HBIC Is Tali Farhadian Weinstein

“She knows she has power and privilege and she uses it to help others whenever she can.”

During his campaign for Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office, Alvin Bragg painted Tali Farhadian Weinstein as a self-involved billionaire. Pointing out her luxurious Upper East Side apartment and tax history, making her seem unrelatable to the majority of New York City denizens. Unfortunately it worked, she was the runner up with his corrupt ass winning the position. Defeat isn’t easy, especially when you’re deserving, but for the righteous it means better things are in store. Which is exactly how she got to be in charge of a case that not only involves Hollywood’s elite, but will affect the Presidential Election. She is literally about to make decisions that change and shape the world. As she has full power of attorney, and copious amounts of damaging evidence in her favor. These people are pretty much her bitch. If they were smart, they’d do as she says.

In fact it’s her immense wealth that allowed her not to be corrupted. She doesn’t need Rupert Murdoch’s, Mick Jagger’s , the Kardashian Jenner West’s, or Mark Zuckerberg’s ( fraction of the people/ organizations we’re going after) hush money. She’s going to take it from you anyway, if other people were smart they would have chosen this route. You’d be getting way more money, affluence and blessings this way. I’m a Goddess, whatever energy you give me, I return multiplied. In ways that these people cannot, I’m a divine, preternatural. If you are against me, it won’t bode well in your favor. As you’re seeing.
While this case was going on I kept her in the loop, after seeing a sign from the universe that she is the one. Another vessel of divine justice. She actually cares and Kathy Hochul was foolish not to replace Bragg with Farhadian Weinstein as I asked. Now look. Hochul is also corrupt.

It took me time to find her, I also had to sort through the energy of attorney’s who will be on their way out of the legal system. Corrupt, immoral, blasphemous idiots, sheep on the side of evil.
Tali Farhadian Weinstein found a law firm a month after my case was dismissed, with my sending her updates all the time.
She has full power of attorney, because I trust her as the almighty GOD told me to. I know she has the experience, ideas, heart, determination, to make this world a better place. That she’s able to make decisions that get us what we need, without wasting government resources. She knows how to decipher convoluted relationships to figure who’s the victim and who’s the criminal, with Mick Jagger being both. Thanks to Melanie raggedy Anne Hamrick.

If more people were like her, the world wouldn’t be ending.

This is her time to show the world who she is, without being in the background, or in someone else’s shadow. She earned it. Let this be a lesson in two things. One, sometimes when you lose you win. Two, don’t judge a book by its cover. Just because Alvin Bragg (that vile loser) is black like me, doesn’t mean he cares about black people. He doesn’t care about any person of color, he’s a criminal, a corrupt politician. Who gets paid to prosecute the innocent. He racially profiles people, using his black card to hide his insidious intent. He aligns with evil, desperate to be on Tali Farhadian Weinstein’s level of wealth by any means necessary (read: Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent, also type his name in the search bar). This is why he places profit over people. He’s a fucking fraud and his time’s up. You will always reap what you sow times three. Xoxo Athena. Via: Yahoo

Corrupt Politicians Vol 1

“I know something about Officer Bell, who is a racist and a liar- I have told him that to his face, so you can feel perfectly free to quote me, to anyone, at any time you wish- and I know something about the D.A in charge of this case, who is worse. Now. You and Fonny insist that you were together, in the room on Bank Street, along with an old friend, Daniel Carty. Your testimony, as you can imagine, counts for nothing, and Daniel Carty has just been arrested by the D.A’s office and is being held incommunicado. I have not been allowed to see him.” Now he rose paced to the window. “What they are doing is really against the law-but- Daniel has a criminal record, as you know. They, obviously intend to make him change his testimony. And- I do not know this, but I am willing to bet- that that is how and why Mrs. Rogers has disappeared.Via: The New York Post

Kathy Hochul The Con Artist

New York City is a democratic state, yet Governor Kathy Hochul won by the skin of her teeth. Republican Lee Zeldin, who built his entire campaign around Manhattan DA Alvin Braggs incompetence, would’ve been the first of his party to hold the position in 20 years. The denizens of NYC are sick of Braggs illegal prosecutions, where the victims are guilty and the guilty are innocent. He’s soft on crime, because it fills his fat, greasy pockets. He makes money via false charges, securing the rest after forcing people to sign plea deals, pockets the difference in the bail increase and is trafficking ghost guns. Bragg needs criminals for profit, like his partner in crime Brooklyn DA, equally fat and corrupt Eric Gonzalez. I know from personal experience, as Bragg tried to get me to confess to a crime I was the victim of. Melanie ugly ass Hamrick, the deformed face stalker, murderer, rapist, paid him to get my L’Wren Scott articles removed. Mick Jagger is also going to jail, as he helped, so he wouldn’t have custody of the murder rape baby he doesn’t want, who gets nothing in the will. Melanie knew he was corrupt, because he did the same for Donald Trump. Who told her? Jerry the Hick Hall and Rupert Murdoch, common denominators in both cases. Bragg started fake investigating Trump after I called him out, which I’ve properly documented, time stamps and all. Note Melanie never denies the crime, nor can she sue me for defamation since she incriminated herself, proving those accounts saying she is the reason L’Wren is dead are hers. She continues messaging me from multiple accounts to this day. While Bragg knowing I was a victim of domestic violence, due to psychopath Mick Jagger, tried to give me a criminal record and jail time for a lying, mentally unstable white woman. Also note I was diagnosed with PTSD at Nathaniel Clinic during my supervised release. Bragg knew all of this.

A goddess who can see into the future, I knew if I gave Zeldin all the evidence amassed against Bragg, he’d take action and win. As you can see below, first paragraph on my Instagram post from August 31st 2022. The election took place in November, months later. The only reason Hochul won is due to me.

Now I’m starting to regret my decision. Hochul who got her position when predecessor Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign due to allegations of harassment, is quite possibly a con artist. I gave her the win to protect women’s reproductive rights, human rights. Zeldin, who doesn’t have a uterus, would have overturned abortion laws. Which is usually enough to get this blue state on the side of democrats. However the crime is so rampant due to aforementioned DAs, the citizens of NYC didn’t care. Cut to Hochul nominating an anti-choice, anti due process, anti labor law judge for the Supreme Court of New York. I’ve also told her, like many, multiple times to remove Bragg. She’s giving Amy Coney Barrett vibes, lie, mislead, win, then take away the rights she promised to protect. This is why she’s going to hell. I should have just chosen Zeldin, who would have done the same thing in a safer city. Since he would have removed Bragg.

I don’t like to be made a fool of. I’ve been beyond kind. If I have to remove, end, use my powers to get rid of people, get things done, I will. I don’t like being lied to Kathy. You, like Bragg, seem incapable of doing your goddamn job. As if NYC almost choosing a Republican wasn’t enough of a wake up call. Kathy is no longer under my protection. She has X amount of days to do her job, before her fate is sealed.

As you can see I’m not allowed to share anymore about the investigations. Nor am I close to done. There are so many people and various crimes, we’ve only just begun. Jesse Williams the prosecutor who helped Bragg, has disappeared, knowing the consequences of what he’s done. He was there everyday if court, except when my case got dismissed. That’s how serious this is. Anyone who has been around Bragg is in the devil’s collection, until you do something to prove otherwise with a deal. As he’s in Melanie Hamrick’s, you fall where you align. Enjoy your time and consider your families included. I’m sick of talking to you. Try me. Athena. Via: NY Mag & The Post