Inhale Nature For A Walk In Nature

Had a fantastic stoner walk in sacred Central Park today. Inhaled nature, to walk in nature. Cleared my head. I’m such a true blue New Yorker, I can walk miles upon miles no problem. 100 blocks on a beautiful summer day, is in my wheelhouse. A great way to start the weekend. Enjoy yours. Artist: Moon Milli Art

Young Money Has The Best Barbs

Yes, there was a rap war this week featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, along with City Girl’s JT. I barely kept up with it, but did quote Nicki Minaj, which wasn’t shade, or siding. I always quote Young Money, because they have the best lines for your enemies, haters and self-love. Somehow they always convey my exact feelings. Always.
Plus Nicki and Cardi are New Yorkers, they’re never going to get it together together. We hold grudges til the end, unless amends are made properly (read New Yorkers Who Will Curse You Out). Being a punk, being fake, disrespect, those are the laws we abide by here. That’s why I told that nigga Mick Jagger, “I don’t want to check bitches tell em wear their Nike’s,” cause I’m finna beat his ass. Period. I also quoted her when discussing the evidence amassed incriminating him and his mediocre, racist, weird, psychopath family and that ugly bitch who murdered L’wren Scott. “Rule number one to be a boss ass bitch. Never let a clown nigga try to play you.” He’s going to JAIL, his family to hell after. Idgaf.
I also quote Cardi, Drake, and Lil Wayne. Which artist do you quote most often? Via: DrakeTheGoat86

Only Murders In The Building Binge

Binged watched this two months ago, instantly addicted. Only Murders In The Building is pure art, what else did one expect with icons Steve Martin and Martin Short? The banter between them, the beats, the delivery, just two stars who’ve perfectly honed their craft. Selena Gomez is an excellent fit, beautiful, tough, sarcastic, embodying New Yorkers to a tee (the bluntness, the barbs, the anything can happen magic of the city and it’s denizens, all accurate). An unlikely trio indeed; at first I was like this is random, but seeing is believing and I’m sold.

From the cinematography, to the cast, to the guest stars, the plot twists, the internal dialogues giving us dramatic irony, honestly I’m not doing the show justice. Just watch, it deserves every accolade received. I’ve laughed out loud, I’ve cried, but no one makes me do both at the same time like writer actor Michael Cyril Creighton. He is my absolute favorite. Season three couldn’t come fast enough. Are you watching? Via: Only Murders Hulu