Young Money Has The Best Barbs

Yes, there was a rap war this week featuring Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, along with City Girl’s JT. I barely kept up with it, but did quote Nicki Minaj, which wasn’t shade, or siding. I always quote Young Money, because they have the best lines for your enemies, haters and self-love. Somehow they always convey my exact feelings. Always.
Plus Nicki and Cardi are New Yorkers, they’re never going to get it together together. We hold grudges til the end, unless amends are made properly (read New Yorkers Who Will Curse You Out). Being a punk, being fake, disrespect, those are the laws we abide by here. That’s why I told that nigga Mick Jagger, “I don’t want to check bitches tell em wear their Nike’s,” cause I’m finna beat his ass. Period. I also quoted her when discussing the evidence amassed incriminating him and his mediocre, racist, weird, psychopath family and that ugly bitch who murdered L’wren Scott. “Rule number one to be a boss ass bitch. Never let a clown nigga try to play you.” He’s going to JAIL, his family to hell after. Idgaf.
I also quote Cardi, Drake, and Lil Wayne. Which artist do you quote most often? Via: DrakeTheGoat86

My Neck My Back With Attico

Posting about Khia’s iconic My Neck, My Back on FB gave me a flashback! First off let me just say, this song is legendary, probably the most sampled female rap song of all time. City Girl’s used it for Fuck Dat Nigga (my most listened to song two years in a row), Erica Banks used it for Throw A Lil Mo (Do It), Saweetie used it for Icy Grl. Every single time it hits, from lyricism to beat. Be it sped up, or slowed down. Khia gets flowers for empowering females to be selfish in their sexual liberation. Make sure you get yours, fuck dat nigga. Inspirational. Female rappers often deemed crass, are actually the biggest advocates of feminism art wise (thank a black woman as usual). Encouraging women to value themselves, over society indoctrinating us to be subservient subhumans for the patriarchy. Sometimes it only takes one hit to empower a generation.

Flashback to an epic memory, not when my friend and I turned the gay bar up for karaoke, but another Miss Lily’s moment. I was wearing my Yetta black and gold sweater belted, with over the thigh leather black heeled boots (my pinky toes BLED to break in those shoes, but a look is a look), and black biker shorts. That’s the most athleisure I get in public. Everyone kept asking me what I was wearing. Is it a sweater dress, or just a sweater no bottoms? I get asked this often, since they can’t tell if it’s in pieces, or a single garment. Anyways, the dj plays My Neck My Back, and everyone loses their MINDS! Wasted from the flask of whiskey in my makeup bag (for that nosey bitch Jamila who got fired for writing me up, that’s how I did it), on top of the bartender doling out drinks, I instantly turn up. Dropping it low made everyone in the back stop eating to stare. Then the whole place goes into an uproar, especially in the front where these women in diaphanous pink silks stand on the chairs to dance. That’s where I remembered my favorite designers The Attico from! Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordoni were those women. It was major, no one ever stood on the furniture before. Rockstars. Everyone was screaming, dancing, taking videos for the duration of the song. A classic.

Ladies, be whatever type of human you want to be, do things to fulfill your own desires. That’s the point of the song. Smash the patriarchy; whose entire goal is to make women chaste objects to fulfill their desires sans having our own. Which rendition is your favorite? Via: Gilda Ambrosia & Net A Porter