Eric Adams Needs To Be Fired…

Immediately. He’s incompetent and stupid. Too busy galavanting around Hollywood, with his satanic friends and attending events to do his fucking job. He comes up with the infeasible idea to house migrants in a city with no space or funding. Too busy attending The Met Gala to be the mayor, or he’d have seen how idiotic his decisions are. With no solid planning of how to execute his pipe dreams, he literally cuts essentials for the citizens of this country: education, sanitation, police and libraries.
So now you want to turn the financial capital of the world into a homeless shelter, with illiterate, undereducated kids, while criminals run wild due to understaffed police…make it make fucking sense you clown. He’s a detriment to this country. Maybe if you and your partners in crimes Alvin Bragg and Kathy Hochul weren’t busy being corrupt, siphoning money for personal use, aiding in the Rat Soup scandal, endeavoring to attack a domestic violence victim, who had a hate crime committed against her (that’s me), you wouldn’t be fucking idiots. All of them need to go (read Corrupt Politicians Vol 1). Eric Adams just increased unemployment and endangered everyone in an already dangerous city. Which I think he’s done intentionally, since they profit from crime. These three are demonic democrats, harbingers of destruction to our city to fill their wallets. Three blind mice. Via: NY Post

Alvin Bragg’s Downfall Is Melanie Hamrick

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is meeting his downfall thanks to Melanie deformed face Hamrick. He’s not the first or the last. Had he read my articles properly, did a proper investigation and knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t be here. Instead he’s in the devil’s collection with Melanie. That’s what happens when you’re a sheep, he fits in with the stupid half of The Rolling Stones fanbase, hell bound and brainless, over an ugly, weirdo, who planned on raping me. PS she was still stalking me today. Two people in a fake couple to evade the law, both in love with me, the feelings not mutual.

Thanks to her perjury, the government is now involved. This is the end of an era, The Stones are about to be over. If I have to take Mick to court I will press charges, he’ll face 25 years in jail. I’ll also get the band and their families charged for being accomplices period. Everyone should have listened to me. Now you look dumb following a psycho who doesn’t want to take care of a murder rape baby. Oh well. You reap what you sow. Something big is coming this month, I feel it. For those on the wrong side of things it’s going to be tragic.

This is why I said honor L’Wren Scott. This is why I said disconnect from her energy. This is why I said don’t disrespect me, Athena, the only one who can protect you. A wrathful deity. Once I’m done giving chances that’s it, I ruin lives, that’s why I have restraint.

I was saving you. Now it’s too late. Enjoy your time. Melanie is about to be exposed and imprisoned. I wish I could charge her for being ugly and talentless. For now I’ll settle for her being the first modern black magic case, along with her other crimes. On the bright side this is making me rich, as I deserve. Bye smelly Melly, enjoy jail and your last days of freedom. Now the greatest band is the biggest joke. Now the Jagger line will cease to exist, as will Sally and her line. It takes one unattractive, murderer, rapist, stalker, satanist, loser to ruin it for everyone. This is what I tried to prevent. Fate is fate. Via: NY Post

Alvin Bragg Is A Criminal

I wish I could say I’m special, Alvin Bragg made a fluke, in hopes to support the first black district attorney of Manhattan. Nope. Nope. Can’t say that. He has literally messed up every investigation in his short time in office. Alvin Bragg is one of the most incompetent people I’ve ever seen. Long story short he’s a criminal and I plan on suing him for violating my civil rights, misconduct and perjury. PERIOD. He’s a prime example of education doesn’t equate intelligence. I made his job so easy. He’s a dingbat, who will pay more than he can afford. He’s an Uncle Tom and the living embodiment of Humpty Dumpty, looks and fate wise. When you come for me I NEVER miss, now I know it’s because of what I am. He’ll learn, so will everyone involved. The city is unsafe in part due to this man. These are just some of his mishaps. Tali Weinstein needs to replace him, he’s a liability and if he remains…you’ll see… Via: Gothamist, New York Post, The City & Daily Mail