Alvin Bragg’s Downfall Is Melanie Hamrick

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is meeting his downfall thanks to Melanie deformed face Hamrick. He’s not the first or the last. Had he read my articles properly, did a proper investigation and knew what he was doing, he wouldn’t be here. Instead he’s in the devil’s collection with Melanie. That’s what happens when you’re a sheep, he fits in with the stupid half of The Rolling Stones fanbase, hell bound and brainless, over an ugly, weirdo, who planned on raping me. PS she was still stalking me today. Two people in a fake couple to evade the law, both in love with me, the feelings not mutual.

Thanks to her perjury, the government is now involved. This is the end of an era, The Stones are about to be over. If I have to take Mick to court I will press charges, he’ll face 25 years in jail. I’ll also get the band and their families charged for being accomplices period. Everyone should have listened to me. Now you look dumb following a psycho who doesn’t want to take care of a murder rape baby. Oh well. You reap what you sow. Something big is coming this month, I feel it. For those on the wrong side of things it’s going to be tragic.

This is why I said honor L’Wren Scott. This is why I said disconnect from her energy. This is why I said don’t disrespect me, Athena, the only one who can protect you. A wrathful deity. Once I’m done giving chances that’s it, I ruin lives, that’s why I have restraint.

I was saving you. Now it’s too late. Enjoy your time. Melanie is about to be exposed and imprisoned. I wish I could charge her for being ugly and talentless. For now I’ll settle for her being the first modern black magic case, along with her other crimes. On the bright side this is making me rich, as I deserve. Bye smelly Melly, enjoy jail and your last days of freedom. Now the greatest band is the biggest joke. Now the Jagger line will cease to exist, as will Sally and her line. It takes one unattractive, murderer, rapist, stalker, satanist, loser to ruin it for everyone. This is what I tried to prevent. Fate is fate. Via: NY Post