Bretman Rock Did Me A Favor

I just want to say thank you Bretman Rock, for doing me a solid and coming to Gammeeok after that false rat soup scandal. As you know I’m suing them now, but wanted to take a moment to appreciate you. The fact that you as a Filipino came to dine there, despite false news to support me is everything. Especially due to the prosecution being Filipino with a history of smearing Korean restaurants.
You know I’m obsessed with you. You’re gorgeous inside and out. I should have mentioned I worked the overnight shift. That’s here nor there. You’re so fucking major I probably would have passed out tbh. Also everyone was gagging when I showed this picture. My apologies for the poor management and marketing on behalf of the restaurant, which should have been grateful for your presence. You are blessed and highly favored henny. I got you boo. Via: ItsJqBoo

Bretman Rock For The Wow Mag

He’s just fucking gorgeous. Always and forever obsessed with Bretman Rock, his looks, his personality, his niece. That’s it, that’s the message. Just wanted to show them love. Carry on with your glam rock, gender fluid, fine ass. The hair is to die for, this why weaves are made from the hair of Asians and Hispanics. Don’t ever get it twisted. Which is your favorite look? Via: Art8Amby

Bretman Rock Is A Vibe

Honestly, with all the drama I haven’t been able to do my staple pieces, like Style With, but I will. Bretman Rock is definitely joining the ranks. He’s so glam rock. Urgh obsessedddd with his entire aesthetic. He’s killing you hoes everyday, bes’ believe. Let me save it for his curation. Do you dig it? Via: Bretman Rock Insta

Bretman Rock-ed The MTV Movie Awards

First off the long blue jacket with the mixed pant texture wise, proportion wise, is it. Topping it off with the beach wave mullet makes this look glorious, chic, effortless, glamorous and rock n’ roll (shirtless with a nipple ring). The diaphanous pant and cropped blazer is also a look. Personally prefer the former for the well executed risk (I mean that brown/blue combo alone). Which fit do you like better? Via: Bretman Rock