Allowed To Cut You Off

Don’t get offended, give people the same freedom and space you would like. Sometimes you trigger things in them and they can’t deal. Respect their decision the way you want yours respected. How do you handle being cut off? Via: Tarunvmishra

Rewarded Trauma Is Still Trauma

Moderation, balance, mental wellness, are essential for a happy life. That’s why you’re here, to find joy and purpose in the realm of time for soul growth. Please put your being first. I had to learn this lesson too many times the hard way. I was miserable running myself in circles. Which are you guilty of? Pick one to work on and baby step it. Via: Holistically Grace

Warnings Signs Of Exhaustion

Wellness of any kind is nothing to joke around with. Rest, relaxation, vacation is essential to your wellbeing. Otherwise you’ll burn out. Recharge, recharge, recharge. I myself am in need of a break. This is also how people end up on Snapped. Do any of these signs apply to you? How do you handle exhaustion? Via: Heartbeat Quote

Beware Of Toxic Positivity

I’ll say it again, being positive all the time despite feeling otherwise is detrimental to your mental wellbeing. Pick something to work on for the week, is it accepting failure, staying balanced or better sleeping habits? Also figure out why you’ve built the toxic habits you need to dismantle. Via: Let’s Talk Mental Health