Free Yourself From Trauma

This picture best explains my brain before dedicating myself to evolving and after.
When I first began meditating I cried a lot. All these revelations, all this unhealed trauma, including repressed memories came to the surface in the quiet spaces of my mind. My soul lifting it up and away. Tears streaming down my face, eyes still closed. It was cleansing. Probably the most significant, life changing habit I’ve picked up. Again thanks to that gypsy who ended up evil eyeing me.

Healing is hard. The pain can be unbearable and it’s easier to run away, or numb it. I implore you though, do yourself this favor, you shouldn’t have to be a prisoner to your trauma. Don’t let it define you, bring you down to low vibrational behavior. Via: Let’s Talk Mental Health

Not An Apology Vs. An Apology

Other people’s feelings matter, if you offend or hurt them, take accountability. Here are the do’s and don’ts of apologizing.

I find it funny that horrific people suddenly realizing I’m not someone to play with, want to be cut slack. Never gonna happen, idgaf who you are. I gave ample time, because once I’m done, I’m done; I’m gonna give you back what you gave me by ten. Aka, I’m gonna O.D on you, deadass, and I won’t feel a morsel of remorse. The compassionate part of me shut’s off and I’m all business. It’s the entitled (whites especially), entitled mediocre Hollywood children who contribute nothing of significance, but confuse their parents (the coolest thing about them) talents with their lack of, who have been given an advantage only to squander it, the celebrities and powerful people who really thought they were something, that I get the most pleasure from knocking down to fucking size and walking on. I’m going to kick you when you’re down, then burn what remains. Of course you have nothing to worry about if you didn’t lynch mob me.

Didn’t apologize, but had time to be antagonistic? At this point I’ll ONLY ever tolerate you, never like you, never love you. I feel bad for you actually, the fates you set for yourselves.

I don’t care what you intended to do, or if you felt bad, we are now in the stage of actions. What you did and did not do period. Were you naughty, or nice? Via: Letstalk. Mental Health

Take A Moment To Think Before You Do

Mastering our emotions is one of the great struggles of humanity. Arduous, onerous, but worth it. After all, emotions are the difference between a life behind bars and getting the job you want. Knowing when and where to display key emotions is everything. Of course with some I’ve reached my breaking point, but I think and overthink before I do. Do you need a little try this instead of? Via: Letstalk. MentalHealth

Beware Of Toxic Positivity

I’ll say it again, being positive all the time despite feeling otherwise is detrimental to your mental wellbeing. Pick something to work on for the week, is it accepting failure, staying balanced or better sleeping habits? Also figure out why you’ve built the toxic habits you need to dismantle. Via: Let’s Talk Mental Health