Luo Yang: New Generation

Captured December 2019 before all pandemic hell broke loose. Photographer Luo Yang captures her home, China, in modern day. “When I look at my subjects, I see pioneers: people who are independent, free and brave enough to not just see the changes happening, but embody it themselves. Freedom and the desire for self expression are a universal language.” These pictures showcase both themes, incorporating the fluidity of subjects born in the 1990’s or 2000’s. How important is the freedom of individualism and expression to you? Do you hold back for social conformity? Why?

Ziqian Liu Fractured and Flowered

Strategically placed mirrors to make the artist look like fractured light, adorned with flowers and other items. She uses reflective images as a tool of introspection. The independent Chinese photographer’s work pertains to the symbiosis between humans and nature, as well as perspective. “All of her work is self-portrait, she wishes to give [the] audience a small world which is calm but not flat.” Her work also shows the duality and balance of the soft woman, who possesses an otherworldly inner strength. Which image is your favorite? I love the one with the small mirror on her knee displaying her eye and the Russian doll mirrors, herself within herself within.