I’m Holding Back

What if I weren’t as tough and strong to handle the bullying? This is something I think to myself everyday. What if it were just the wrong moment, if I were going through something devastating and couldn’t take anymore. What if you basic bitches made it so dark I couldn’t stand to live another day? Did you think those things when you decided through some kind of bullshit delusion that I had no value? Because I’m not a diluted, debased attention whore, who doesn’t love herself so I need constant validation to feel noticed? To put people down to feel power. Make no mistake I don’t feel bad for a single person who decided racial trolling was okay. You had it coming. Who the fuck do you think you are to treat people in such a manner, to co-sign it? All of you are trash and trust me I’m holding back. Black women are not a punching bag and you all belong where you’re headed. Do you think I care? Did you? Via: Okay Nevermind