Baby Step That Shit

Someone asked me last week where I get my energy from. “You’re on the move girl.” Coffee, I answered, I’m literally not a human until I have coffee. That being said, do whatever you need and get going. What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams? Break it down into doable task and baby step that shit. Every step is one closer to your goals. Artist: Inhaarceoarts

Breaking Bad Habits

Chugging coffee continuously, trying to get back to a normal sleeping pattern. This is how I spent my afternoon post nap. I go to sleep so incredibly late now, it drives me bananas. Is anyone else experiencing bad sleeping habits due to quarantine? Photo: Feather Down Soul

The Big Switch

I tried switching from coffee to green tea. These were the results. Everyone I worked with asked me to never try that again. I was a cantankerous mess. It’s better this way, coffee actually protects your liver from cirrhosis, which is great, because I drink often. Do your prefer coffee or tea? How many cups? I use to have six cups, which is insanely unhealthy, now I’m down to two. Photo: Retro Lustt