How Do You Start Your Day?

Coffee like Basquiat,
Tea like Hendrix?

Via: Soulr.Co & JimiHendrix.Fan

Three Additional Reasons For Drinking Coffee

-I’m nicer.
-I’m smarter.
-The more cups consumed the lower my chance of cirrhosis, or any liver disease. West side, west side…that’s just what people say, did that come from the Biggie/Tupac beef? It def did. So, the tea on that, 2 cups= a 43% drop and 4 cups= a 65% drop. Have you researched the benefits of coffee? You are what you consume. Via: CoffeeVibes_Sam

Life’s Not All About Java

Is it too soon to be excited for humid weather, cold brews and ice coffee?
I did realize life isn’t all about java, to function properly there are two other essentials:

  1. Good sleep: My sleep has been SCATTERED (well was), detrimental to my productivity is an understatement; coffee can only go so far to make up for catching zzzz’s.
  2. Sugar, sugar: I went a bit too far cutting out sugar, aiming as close to alkaline as I could go and forgot it’s a necessity.
    Health is wealth remember to keep a balanced body for an efficient mind.

Via: Pesto Salad

Coffee Or Bust

Can’t live without it, especially because I picked up too many courses and I’m exhausted. How humans live without it will always be a mystery to me. Maybe I should use my planner to the very end. Which photo best describes your Monday? Via: Nighty Drunk Lovers (top) Cups and Thoughts (bottom)