Bravo Bravo Bravo

This had me in tears. Like actually crying. Whoever made this isn’t about shit. Bravo, bravo, bravo keep those cameras rolling I’m an addict. And you know what? I own it, I’m fine with it, I have no plans of ridding myself of this disease. TAKE ME. Who’s in deeper with the feds, Erika Jayne or Jen Shah? Via: Freeish Media

Mary Cosby Vs. Whitney Rose

Somebody make it make sense. A few days ago on Twitter Mary Cosby unleashed on Whitney Rose in a series of now deleted post. More often than not I have no idea what Mary is talking about, none. I thought it was just me, but apparently not. Reading and re-reading these tweets the ignorance remains the same. Tears, I was left in tears between the comment section and Mary’s point of view. Here are some highlights:

  • Mary’s grammar, all over the place, especially when it comes to your, you’re and at times even you. Many people found it chaotic to comprehend, including myself. Many people were upset with her use of apostrophes, which after sometime I realized she was using as commas. Never in my life…
  • Whitney is a racist, this accusation sent the comment section into a tizzy. After Mary herself refused to go into 7/11 if there are too many black people outside. It’s safe to say Whitney is not a racist.
  • Mary accuses Whitney of lying and taking advantage of a woman in a restroom, and yet still we have no clue what is going on. Furthermore, the fanbase was shocked by a pastor talking as such and found Mary unhinged.
  • Did Mary send Jesus on Whitney as promised? We believe so.
  • Pole dancer mentality, bobblehead, she’s hungry…it’s just…classic.
  • Mary says her and Whitney aren’t friends, but last season they were out often together solo…okay

This is one of the funniest things ever. I love, LOVE the Salt Lake City Housewives, they’re hilarious. Thank you God for gifting us these women. Please, I implore you go check it out for yourself. Via: Real Housewives Franchise

O.J Simpson Or Jen Shah…?

I don’t want Jen Shah to be guilty, she’s great television. However the mounting evidence and pattern of lying (about owning chattel, exposing Meredith’s affairs) is giving jail time vibes. Who’s more committed to the lie her, or O.J Simpson ? Via: Baller Alert & Taste Of Reality

Drunk Drawn & Slightly Deranged

Illustrator Ryan Casey creates drawings of pivotal moments in the Housewives franchise and pop culture, well, as if he’s drunk. Or maybe he’s making his subjects look drunk, all I know is I love it. Their eyes look like Dali clocks, making these caricatures unique and playful.
When Lisa Barlow recited that poem from her heart I busted out laughing, where did that even come from? Everyone’s reactions were priceless. And my friends and I still reference the note written by Snooki and J-WOWW, screaming at appropriate times “It was YOU, youse wrote the note.” Which one would you hang on your wall? Artist: Ryan Casey (Drunk Drawn)

SLC Housewives: A Bright Spot

Just in case you missed it, because the 10pm time slot was too late. A bright spot during both the first and second wave of the pandemic was the latest addition to the housewives franchise, Salt Lake City. Heartbroken that it’s already over, but super excited for this three part reunion. These fiery ladies were the perfect cast. Everyone played their part and for that I salute you. Thank you for the laughter. Here are some amazing contributions from the above queens:

-I’m not engaging, I’m disengaging.
-Thumbs up, another way to say fuck you.
-You smell like hospital.
-Jen Shah isn’t acting, in fact she’s quite possibly hiding her full spectrum of crazy.
-Maybe it’s cause I’m a New Yorker and mask have been on the scene before Covid, but I loved Meredith’s mask that doubled as a necklace. Major. Just when you thought the over the top sleeves of her pink birthday dress was it.
-Whitney’s mask imitating Meredith’s mask, hilarious.
-The trip to Vegas doing the exact opposite of it’s kumbaya objective, it couldn’t have gone any more left.
-Mary Cosby’s war against her son’s girlfriend.
-Lisa Barlow having a heart of gold after being pegged the cast villan.
-Whitney being messy at the birthday.
-Heather Gay owning her desires, she likes em dumb with a criminal record.
– Vaulter and the Met Gala luncheon.

And so much more. Stellar job ladies. Perfection was attained. I’ve watched every episode twice, the second time to process what I saw the first time. Did you watch? What’s your favorite moment? Via: Housewives Addicted

A Promising Week

Just starting the week off with some positivity. This year has been rough for everyone in one way or another, we all took hard knocks in some area. I’m almost traumatized to get excited for 2021 which is just around the corner, but the only way to go is up. Thanks to Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City I am hopeful. What are you grateful for today? I would say my relationship with god. People act like they about that source life, but not really about that source life (you align with money over humans, you align with oppression, you align with rape culture, you align with hatred, you align with willful ignorance, you align with racism, you align with deceit…). Through god I have received miracles beyond my wildest dreams, I am eternally humbled. Your turn. Via: Advocating Mental Health