Sunday’s By Bravo

Literally heaven.
Michael Darby about to start that bullshit.
Mia’s husband is out of his mind.
Karen and Gizelle arguing will never get old, never.

Then there are my snow queens, my pure unfiltered joy.

Jen Shah bringing her amputated aunt for a full circle on you smell like hospital.
Mary, Mary, Mary, talking to mannequins, interrupting that man’s prayer.
Understanding the level of inebriation Whitney was on with that cake. I get it.
Heather’s commitment to her daughters being “good time girls.”
Lisa and Meredith issues are not the same, Jen came for a family.
Jennie getting married for the body, not the face.

I guess this is my version of a gratitude list. Thank you Bravo and all the fan accounts who make the SLC memes. Via: Reality Dude