Beech Trees In Spring

I want to be like the maples,
letting go so easily of their leaves,
surrendering every piece of themselves
they no longer need, and embracing bareness
like a new suit they can simply step into.

But I’m more like the beech trees,
which cling to the husks of their leaves
long into spring, refusing to give up
even a scrap of who they once were
until the last possible minute.

Perhaps they need the reassurance,
or maybe they’re here to lend music
to silence of winter, leaves
beaten thin as tissue paper rustling
a lonely chorus in the snow-covered woods-
until April blows in, and with no other choice,
they say yes to the final scatter and release,
seeing again, as if for the first time,
how loss leaves room for something new.

Via: Silk Sneaker

Factual Euphoria Memes

WTF in this case means “where the f*ck” are Maddie’s school belongings? I literally thought the same thing, doing the math in my head like: even if she keeps everything in her locker, this is an in between classes moment, she should still have notes from wherever she came from…
Rue’s steps also match my heart rate watching that episode. How accurate are these memes tho? Via: Shy Guy 118_ & Euphorias Tweets

Euphoria Is Amazing

“There’s a debt owed to a person who gave you beauty and feeling.”

Easily the hottest cast on television; Euphoria is pure unfiltered art: storylines, writing, character development, narration, the way it’s directed, the soundtrack, the wardrobe, the makeup. It’s like the heavens pulled together a cluster of the most perfect stars, for a most bewitching constellation. It makes me wax poetic, that’s how got damn good it is. Perfection. Much like Rue I need my next hit. I tried to save it to binge, but I just cain’t. Are you watching? What’s your favorite episode so far? Via: All Of Demie

Euphoria Blue Eyeshadow

Digging these versatile blue eyeshadows. They remind me of Euphoria, which made a splash with makeup so memorable it took over the internet. You couldn’t scroll through social media without seeing recreations. The first look gives me Juels (Hunter Schafer), the second screams Maddy (Alexa Demie). Which look would you recreate? Via: The Fashion Pr0ject (top) & Beauty On Makeup (bottom)

Collection Portrait Series

Rodarte photography by Dritch. Absolutely stunning, contemporary old Hollywood feel. A ingenious way to show off their SS20 collection.