Summers Almost Over

As the sun fades to fall and we enjoy our last legal beaching in NYC, let’s remember why the season is a joyous one. Technically September is the end of summer, but still. Until next year. Fortunately for me I’ll be chasing the sun with my financial freedom (all the terror was worth it to be set for life). Let us reminisce on what we’ll miss most: lightening bugs at dusk, ice cream, barely there clothing, tanning to a crisp, being outdoors, beach bumming, the beautiful sun. Your turn. Via: Maneskin Family

Need Both These Chokers

Sometimes I’m goody-goody.
Right now I’m naughty- naughty.

Via: AlexDemmiie & Damiano_David_Icaro

Shut Up And Be Blessed

Recently I’ve had a change of heart, instead of viewing my unwanted attention as a burden I’ve seen it as a blessing. God put me in this position for a reason, to help others and create change. Granted I could do without the bullying and backstabbing. Lara’s parents thanked me for blasting Italy Martinez since I have a bigger audience. It’s the least I could do, she was their only child. Subsequently I saw Vogue Italia (screenshot 11/10/2021) took artists from this blog to spotlight black creators and that’s when I knew this is a gift to make the world a better place. Quality over quantity. I will no longer complain about an influence people wish they could have. I will be posting more art and spirituality, everything’s just been in upheaval. It takes one person to disrupt your whole life and Mick Jagger has done that to mine. Today is our last day, while Maneskin was romantic if he does not put MY money in my account today, same day transfer, Venmo or Cashapp this will be our end. I have reached out to his bandmates and family members. No one has helped when I have done a lot for them. I have been nothing but honest and he’s accused, abused and betrayed my trust. I will never look back, communicate or return to him. He’s had enough time. I’m grieving and he’s contributed to my sorrow. This is it, there will be no more chances. I deserve better and I’ve had enough. Thank you Hollywood for supporting me. It’s been a light in the darkness. Via: Alessia Glaviano

The Rolling Stones X Maneskin

Michael didn’t have to back me up on this band. I know it was their dream come true. Thank you to The Rolling Stones for doing this. It means so much to me, their insta page tripled due to the exposure given. Music is everything and when you’re a Stones fan it’s a lifestyle. This is very romantic and the first proper action taken towards change. I still can’t believe you did this. All he needs to do next is give me money and have the same trust in me I had in him. Opening for the Stones is huge, I’m high as a kite from joy. Maneskin looked cool af in those American flag jumpsuits. Congratulations guys fucking priceless. Spread joy and love.Via: Maneskin Official & Maneskin Ig

Maneskin X Etro: Rock N’ Roll Will Never Die

Before they won the Eurovision awards I saved photos of this band, awestruck by their beauty, their outfits, the vibe so consciously curated it woke up all the atoms in my being. It’s an energy that radiates authenticity, as in can’t be purchased or forced. Etro, Maneskin and Olivia Rodrigo, all signs of the new times to come. Like I said before don’t get comfortable, a huge shift is happening in art standards and talent is coming back. Etro seemed to be the only fashion house to get the memo. Bellissimi. Which look is your favorite? Via: Etro