Supermodel 101: Jerry Hall

Rapunzel in real life, the long hair don’t care Texan is the definition of GLAMOUR (pronounced glair-merrr), with signature styles so deep she’s easily the most emulated supermodel in drag culture. Exhibit A: although she looks hot with red or blonde hair, no other model in her field has made fiery locks iconic. Exhibit B: of course signature hues have a matching pose, running both hands through her hair on either side of her head is Jerry’s. Exhibit C: over the shoulder minimum 20 inch wave coiffure, depending on the rest of the get up one could easily pull off straight tresses, but the outfit has to be Exhibit D: over the top gowns and accessories from fur throws to dangly earrings, think Dynasty darling with a hint of Jessica Rabbit. This Studio 54 regular has covered covers for decades, with a diamond like bone structure that shines iridescent when made up.
A muse for the likes of Andy Warhol to Thierry Mulger and the most renowned photographers (from Helmut Newton to Terry O’Neill ) after being discovered on a beach in Saint Tropez, the striking legend went on to marry Mick Jagger who stole her from Bryan Ferry. The two have four kids together. Although she’s done many things, she’s most major for surviving her marriage with Jagger at his most rakish, without doing jail time. Deadass. In solidarity I watched Kept on VH1. Nothing stops a bad bitch for long, the stunning model and activist went on to bag billionaire Rupert Murdoch. She’s still got it, legendary. Which photo is your favorite? Via: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff, Antonio Lopez, Andy Gotts & Helmut Newton

Giambattista Haute Couture 19

LORDT! I MEAN THE LEVELSSSSSSS. Let’s start with the audacity of Joan Smalls, bitch how dare you do the bare minimum and look like everybody else’s most? Where do you get off? Supermodel, real life supermodel. She looks like fucking art, the clothes are art, this whole collection is mind blowing. I can’t get over the extravagance of the silhouettes, dying for the oversized bows, the small bows, the headpieces…thank you to all parties involved for giving me life. Which look is your favorite? Via: Vogue Italia

The Most Majestic Bob

Khloe has had some major hair looks, but this one is hands down my favorite of all time. This bob screams Dynasty, she’s ready to throw down with Dominque and them. It’s glamour, sophistication, chic. This is a woman who shits gold. EPIC EPIC EPIC look. All she needs is a lavish necklace and a single oversized diamond encrusted cross earring, that states, “Yeah I’ll drag you, but I’m still of the lord.” Do you love it, or prefer her other styles? Photos: Khloe Kardashian Insta

Happy Holidays Ho Ho Ho’s

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all! Whether you’re eating ham or Chinese food, enjoy the day. May you all find happiness within yourselves. List three things that make you happy. Photo: Miss Charlotte 76

Diahann Carroll

Last Friday, African American pioneer Diahann Carroll passed away. Succumbing to cancer, after a long battle. The Oscar nominated, Tony award winning actress was the first to portray a non-stereotypical role, of an African American woman on television. As Dominque Devereaux, she played the multi-millionaire half-sister of Dynasty’s Blake Carrington. Decked to the nines in jewels and furs, the Bronx native broke barriers, by defying the poverty stricken colored woman. She was the first black woman to win a best actress Tony, for No Strings; rounding out her accolades is her Academy Award nomination for Claudine.

I best remember her as Whitley Gilbert’s high maintenance, higher standards, overbearing wealthy mother, on A Different World. Dwayne working tirelessly to gain her approval.

Thank you beautiful, black, queen, for paving the way for every contemporary actress. For allowing them to see a version of themselves previously implausible. Might go as Dominque for Halloween this year.

Wuzg00d Aesthetic

This is style with sophistication. To have so much going on from the cat print, the bright colors, the level of accessories and the earrings, it could have gone tacky. But it’s done perfectly. It’s almost like a modern day, urban Dynasty, so over the top and gaudy. Major instastar. Photo: Wuzg00d.