Black Twitter Reality Checks

Who did this?

A throwback to when Jennifer Lopez thought she had the pipes, the range, to do a Whitney Houston tribute. The talent isn’t there, but the audacity was. If you don’t sit your ass down. Girl, you are not on that level. This is why Mariah Carey said she’s a real singer, while you play sing. Of course there are talented people sans awards, but you believed you could match Whitney’s vocals and needed this reality check. That’s blasphemous and delusional. FYI Mariah has the range. Black Twitter, keeping it real since well, Twitter. Via: Twitter

Remembering Moneybagg Joe

This is why I love and hate black people, because only we would take the time to do this b.s. Who actually did this? These Joe Biden pandemic memes had me rolling. For y’all to dead give him cornrows and a Newport fit, one pant rolled up on the tracksuit. Followed by the durag, I can’t. I really can’t. We’re the reason the memes and the internet are iconic.
Remember Donald Trump stopped giving money out of anger and refused to give hospitals the supplies they needed. Accusing them of selling mask and ventilators out back for COVID. A disease he blamed on the Asian community, calling it the Chinese virus. Causing a spike in hate crimes against all Asian people. More people would have died had he still been in office, so fucking save it. One country ignoring science, makes it a world pandemic. Lockdown would never have ended, so shut it. Via: Our Generation Music