That’s What Art Is

Those moments you feel alone, those moments you are alone and storytelling, be it in the form of film, song, some medium that drags you from the depths of despair. That is what art has done since the beginning of time, that’s why humans value it so much. It saves us and keeps us going when nobody else can. For all those who contribute to that, thank you. When was the last time art held you when a body could not?

Fundamentals Of Storytelling

“What makes a story compelling? Any story. In basic terms.
High stakes.
Character growth.
Obstacles to overcome.

But who decides what the meaning is?

The reader. The player. The audience. That’s what you bring to it, even if you don’t make the choices along the way, you decide what it means to you.” Photo: Kamilla Collages

My Favorite Feature Is

Mattia Dondolini

Storytelling is intrinsic to humanity. From the drawings on the caves of Lascaux, hieroglyphic etchings of Egypt, urban legends and myths. It is our only art form expressed in infinite ways: songs, sonnets, film, paintings…

This is why scars are my favorite part of people.

That is where the story is.

Proof that you are alive.

Evidence that you surmounted something.

The dent on your left brow bone. The raised slither on your chin.