Magic As An Art Is A Verb…

We worship in the actions of stars.
Transforming one thing into another,
An alchemical marriage.
Hieros gameos, turning silver to gold for the Philosopher’s Stone,
granting immortality.
Magic as a verb means to move, change and create.

Actors become possessed.
Writers incant.
Musicians possess.
Visual artists enchant.

True stars burn so brightly they stain the sky, their talent imprinting our souls.
They are our philosophers stones.
Taking us away, guiding us home, breathing life into us.
And suddenly the prospect of a new day is made bearable.
Art has been this way since the paintings of Lascaux.
Art will be this way to us always.
And THAT is why artists are revered as demigods.

They turn our chaos into something beautiful.

Can you name forms of visual art? It’s such an umbrella.

Via: Poetry Rise

My Favorite Feature Is

Mattia Dondolini

Storytelling is intrinsic to humanity. From the drawings on the caves of Lascaux, hieroglyphic etchings of Egypt, urban legends and myths. It is our only art form expressed in infinite ways: songs, sonnets, film, paintings…

This is why scars are my favorite part of people.

That is where the story is.

Proof that you are alive.

Evidence that you surmounted something.

The dent on your left brow bone. The raised slither on your chin.